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Gratitude Fridays...Miracles

I am grateful for miracles...

If there is anything that deserves to be called miraculous, is it not love? What other power, what other mysterious force is there which can invest life with such undeniable splendor? The miracle which everyone is permitted to experience sometime in his life, the miracle, which demands no intervention, no intercession, no supreme exertion of will, the miracle which is open to the fool and the coward as well as the hero and saint, is love – born of an instant, it lives eternally.
~ Henry Miller

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
~ Albert Einstein

I want to live my life with a heart wide open to the endless stream of miracles that carries me through my daily life...rejoice in the wonder of feeling my heart lifted...

...by the hugs and smiles of my family...


...by the infinitely diverse beauty of the world around me...


...by that feeling of bubbling, bursting joy when in the presence of those I love...


The more we know of the fixed laws of nature, the more incredible do miracles become.
~ Charles Darwin

Admittedly, science explains much about the way the world turns and grows, lives and dies...but there is still and always room for the miraculous, in my mind. Even if there is a physical law to explain it, doesn't it still feel miraculous when plants, animals, humans, survive and thrive in harsh conditions?


And, I know science can also explain the physical changes in the sky, but it still fills me with a sense of wonder, and my soul soars when gazing up that endless blue expanse and sweetness of light...


I even have an accompanying musical selection this week...an oldie, and many would say cheesy, but I still like it! It's kind of miraculous what power nostalgia has, how a fragment of song, a photograph, a scent (fresh mown grass mixed with lawnmower oil!) can invoke incredibly strong feelings that swell out from our very core. I can't say that this song actually holds any particular meaning for me, the music just evokes the feeling of my young teenage years, the years of crushes and blushes and first dances...

Jefferson Starship - "Miracles"

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What a fabulous and lively post!


why thank you, Candi!

I forgot to add that I am also grateful our blog feed problem is now fixed!! :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, a wonderful post. And you so beautifully describe the many miracles in life to be so grateful for. That quote by Albert Einstein is one of my favorites, because it makes me appreciate everyone and everything in my life.

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful photos. I also enjoyed the video and song.


I love this blog post. Thank you so much for the reminders of miracles and gratitude.

What a wonderful reminder of what's important and you did it in such a wonderfully descriptive and visual manner. Thank you! m


I'm so glad you all enjoyed my post.

Hope you all have a wonderful week, filled with lots of miracles! :)

Beautiful post and a great way to start my work week. :)


Thanks Annie, hope your week goes by smoothly and joyfully!

Love reading this post! It lifted my spirit and made me reflect on the many miracles around me.

I was a bit behind on reading my emails (was busy trying to talk French) but I added you as my friend in FB. Now I can keep up with you here and there.

Wanted to mention that I thought of you while in Montmartre. Saw a few of the “hanging Santas” in this lively neighborhood and snapped photos of them, including one with a parachute! I posted the photos on my blog, on January 2.


Maria, what fun to connect on FB! I've been woefully behind in my own blog reading, how sweet of you to think of me while you were in Paris. Thanks for letting me know about the Santas, I'm off to check them out right now!

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