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Gratitude Friday..."warm, toasty gloves"

I sat in front of a blank screen, pondering this week's entry...finding it hard to focus on gratitude in the face of the crushing devastation in Haiti, which touches close to home as one of the Canadians killed, Sgt. Mark Gallagher, was from the Maritimes and I have friends who knew him. And in the face of struggles my darling Sara has with her ADD and mood disorders, and other things weighing on my heart right now.

And yet...it is in dark moments when we most need to be lifted, when we most need the light to shine in our souls. So I called to mind so many good things in my own life and in the world around me. My heart flooded with gratitude for family, friends, faith...poetry, prayer, peace. But, due to a complete lack of sleep last night, I am too tired to find words to adequately express my gratitude for such huge blessings. I need a Gratitude Friday equivalent of Sunday Small Bites!

Enter my younger daughter M, just home from visiting a friend. I asked her "what are you grateful for right now?" She paused for a thoughtful moment and then said "warm, toasty gloves...because my hands were really cold on the way to C's house earlier". And so...

I am grateful for warm, toasty gloves!


Words of wisdom from my delightful girl. Gloves are indeed something for which to be grateful. Symbolic of the creature comforts with which we are blessed, that enable us to stay warm inside when it's cold outside!

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, this is a very cool post. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of a fellow Canadian in the Haiti earthquake. Very sad. And I hope Sara is feeling better.

I think warm, toasty gloves is a wonderful thing to be grateful on a cold day. Perfect choice for gratitude Friday.

Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Thanks for an uplifting post-true it is in the darkest moments when we need to be uplifted, I am glad you found something to lift you in the midst of disaster and worry.


I agree with both Kathy and Candi about how cool and uplifting your post is. But then, I always find your posts taking the positive spin on things... thus uplifting. Thank you.


Those are very wise words, Anne -- and in our climate, being warm and toasty and safe is most definitely something to be very, very grateful for!

It has been so difficult to watch from afar all of the suffering and the devastation in Haiti. I am very sorry to read of the loss of a fellow Canadian in the earthquake.

I hope Sara is doing ok. Her struggles must always be on your mind.

I love your fuzzy gloves. A necessity and something definitely to be grateful for during cold weather.


Thanks everyone. The news coverage of Haiti is so painful to watch, the devastation is so overwhelming. But I am heartened by the world's response to this disaster. If only we were so generous always.

Have to say, I am also grateful for my warm, toasty bathrobe this morning! :) My house hasn't yet warmed up (we turn the furnace way down overnight) and it's sooo cold in here. Brrr...

Touche! Mahalo for a touchingly honest entry. m


It is certainly true Anne, that sometimes we need to be very grateful for the seemingly small things in life!


What a lovely post, Anne!

A warm toasty bathrobe is definitely comforting.

Great post! The color of those gloves is something to be grateful for too.

The tragedy in Haiti is breaking lots of hearts but also making us count our blessings, I think.

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