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I like crows!

...apparently so does Winston! He was fascinated by recent episode of the Nature of Things, which was all about crows. When commercials came on, he'd wander away from the TV, coming over to me for attention, etc. When the show came back on, he'd return to his place in front of the screen. Too funny!


I myself have long been fascinated by crows. I know many people despise them as pests, and they can be quite a nuisance as far as ripping open garbage bags and stuff, but I think they are very cool. And apparently highly intelligent. The Nature of Things documentary was so interesting (can be watched online, there's a link on this CBC page.) Crows recognize individual human faces, they have an unusually large brain relative to their size, they hold funerals, they use tools, they have a complex social structure...to name a few things I learned from the show.

I am so fond of crows, I even have a signed print of Alex Colville's Seven Crows painting. I saw this print in the window of a frame store in Halifax and fell in love on the spot! How excited was I when my Mom gave it to me for Christmas that year!! What makes it more special is that I later found out that Dave actually saw Colville set up in a field by the Avon river painting this very piece. The only other copy of this print that I have seen belongs to Kees...who is the best friend of Mark...who is the husband of Valerie...who is the best friend of me. What are the odds Val and Mark would have completely unconnected best friends who both own the same limited edition print?? (I can't stress this enough...it doesn't take much to amuse me! LOL)

Unfortunately the mood, depth and true colour of my beautiful print don't come through in this photo...but will give you an idea of what it looks like.

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Anne, I'm sorry to be so negative, but I suspect that Winston and I are like-minded on this -- the only good crow is a dead crow!


Oh Sandra, nooooo!!! Crows are awesome! It's an amazing sight to watch them streaming over Halifax Harbour en masse when they are heading out for the day, or returning to roost in the evening.

(Although I can understand where you're coming from...I know they can be quite annoying on garbage day!)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, first I have to say that is such a cute photo of Winston watching your TV set. :)

I'm not a fan of crows but I found it really interesting that they have a large brain, they hold funerals, and can recognize human faces.

That's a cool looking print and your story of the connections of people you know to this print reminded me of the six degrees of Kevin Bacon story.

Thanks so much for sharing your photos Winston and your print. Have a great day tomorrow.


Kathy, it was pretty funny watching Winston watching the crow show! They are really fascinating creatures. Six degrees LOL...the "it's a small world" cliche is so true!

Enjoy your weekend!

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