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Writer's Block...from A to Z (a meme)

Came across this meme on a random blog this morning when I googled skies fill my heart. I never did find the elusive song lyrics that were teetering on the tip of my tongue, but oh well, this will be fun too! (Mostly because it's all about me, and what could be more fun than that?! lol)

Writer's Block...from A to Z

Using one word for each letter of the alphabet, make a list of the words you most associate with yourself or that you feel best describe you. (Edited after I finished the list to add: as to be expected, I did not follow these instructions...in fact, wasn't until re-reading them that I noticed the "one word for each letter" part...doh!)

A amazing (well duh!), adorable (double duh!), attractive (hey I lured in Dave, didn't I?!)

B brave (oh wait, this isn't a wish list?), bubbly

C clever, cranky (on occasion...), childish, childlike (which are entirely different things), curious, creative

D dorky (my daughter's words: "mom, you're such an Italy dork")

E effervescent (my bubbly personality, of course!), enthusiastic, emotional, ellipsis (a linguistic construction I (mis)use far too frequently...)

F friend, faith, frown (seriously...my inner child produces legendary frowns!), five (years old, is my inner child)

G gifted, graceful (oops sorry, back to the wish list again...),

H happy, heart ♥

I immature (hey, you've met my inner child, you know what I'm talking about...), insecure (only when I lose my footing...), insightful (I have my moments)

J just (at least I try), jelly (belly...there ain't no six-pack lurking around my abdomen), jealous (of anyone travelling to Italy anytime soon!), joyful

K kind (...of strange?), kindred spirit ♥

L lovely to behold ;), laughter (should never be far from one's lips or heart...cliche, but so true.)

M mother

N non-judgemental (again, I try)

O open (to almost anything, after my initial "no way" reflex!), odd (oh well, someone had to say it...)

P prayer, patient (prefaced that with "im", that is...)

Q quiet, questioning,

R radiant, rare (a much nicer word than abnormal, don't you think?!)

S special (hush up, Dave, I know what you're thinking!), sister

T traveller, talented

U Under the Tuscan Sun (hey, I love that movie!)

V vulnerable

W wife, writer (argh...again with the wish list! must. stop.)

X x-tra special :D

Y yellow (if happy was a colour, surely would be yellow!)

Z Zagarolo (never heard of this town before today, but it's in Lazio Italy, so I'm game to go! And I just checked on SlowTrav and see a couple reviews for B&B Il Colle degli Ulive, so I even know where to stay while there!)

And so, once again, my mental wandering ends up in Italy. Clearly my finding this meme so randomly was the universe's way of telling me that I need to return to that beautiful place and who am I to argue with the universe? I better start packing... :)

I found the following images online...Zagarolo looks gorgeous...seriously, when do I leave?!



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