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A mental wander through Boboli Gardens...

One of the gorgeous photos in Marta's recent entry on the Waimea Valley reminded me of a little spot I found in Florence...just off the main path in Boboli Gardens was a little maze of side trails meandering through some funky trees.




I couldn't stay too long on these paths because the mosquitos were ferocious and I react badly to their bites. But the play of light and shadow was beautiful...it was incredibly quiet and peaceful (aside from those nasty biting critters!) Although I was in the midst of a popular park, I felt very much alone with nature.

I emerged from that hiding spot and went straight into another! This next photo reminds me of something from Alice in Wonderland...


And after wandering around, I flopped down and lay drowsing on the lawn near the big giant head...listening to the murmer of voices and the breeze sifting through the trees.



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I LOVE Boboli Gardens. Cool photos :) Sounds like you had a wonderful time meandering through the trees.

These are beautiful pictures. I can see how the Waimea picture reminded you of your walk under the canopy of trees. I love to find these hidden paths in a garden. Sigh... Florence.

What a magical place! Love seeing your beautiful photos. :)

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