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A question from a friend...

Yesterday, my friend Jane asked me:
"Did you ever think about becoming a minister yourself? I bet you'd be wonderful at something like that."

I'd been telling her that work is really on the back burner for me lately, I am just so much more passionate about my church life and spiritual growth than about my career these days. (Not that I couldn't enjoy both church and career, of course...many people do! But although I have worked in accounting for 20 years, it has never been a passion, is just something I fell into during my twenties when I had not the least clue what to do with my life. And I am now settled in government with a decent supervisory position...a job with stability that pays well, which is a situation for which I am grateful, especially in today's economic climate. But being grateful for my job does not translate into being passionate about my job.)

I had also said to Jane that I rarely even bother checking into professional development opportunities in the corporate training calendar anymore because why take yet another classroom session in, say, public speaking when I can instead get actual experience in my church, such as doing prayers, like I did a couple Sundays ago, or singing a solo (I'm sure the energy around public performance comes from the same place, whether speaking or singing.) Not to mention our corporate calendar rarely offers any useful courses in the first place, at least none that I haven't already taken.

Anyway...back to Jane's question: "Did you ever think about becoming a minister yourself?"...when I read it, I turned to Dave and said: "hey, Jane just asked if I have ever considered being a minister, she thinks I'd be good at it." He replied without hesitation: "yes, you would be." (Dave seems to believe I can do anything, and I must say his unshakeable confidence in me is very strengthening and inspiring! ♥)

I figured I may as well be honest, so wrote back that yes, actually the idea has crossed my mind and I don't think I've ever openly shared that with anyone before. Although I have shared it in a very oblique sort of way at least once...

I remember mentioning to Valerie, a while ago (couple years maybe?), that suggested career paths for my personality type were ones like teacher, psychiatrist, clergy, writer, etc...I went on to say ok, maybe it is ridiculous to think of me as a minister, but I could see myself as a writer. Valerie quickly agreed about the writer, but remained silent on the minister idea. I took her silence as an indication that she agreed it was a ridiculous notion (being certain that if she didn't, she would have said so.) Perhaps I misinterpreted her silence, but...I never brought up it again.

But I will admit, it is a path that appeals greatly to me, however tentative I feel about it as of yet! :) So having both Jane and Dave express words of encouragement is really uplifting.

Now, having been asked the question, I find myself wondering if this is a door I would ever seriously consider stepping through, or if it's just a pipe dream...is there a whole new world out there waiting for me, I wonder?


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Anne, maybe now is the time... It really seems as if you have already really made up your mind. People who know you agree with you too.....a prayer for guidance..m


Gee Anne, major life changes (even good/happy ones) are never easy.But I am a firm believer in following one's dreams!


How very interesting and exciting, Anne -- and how brave to muse aloud about reinventing yourself!

This reminds me of the quote (which I love) that TrekCapri has on her blog: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." Mark Twain

Easy to say, but very hard to do. Still, I've done it myself, and have no regrets.


menehune, thanks for your prayer. This really is the first time I have let this idea rest in me without being overshadowed by the thought of being ridiculous...has been a very fragile fluttering in my heart until now. So am a long way from making up my mind. But it feels good to say it out loud.

Sheri, it is only through following our dreams that we ever come close to our full potential, isn't it? I will pray to have the courage to go where the Spirit leads me, whether it is along this path or in entirely different direction.

Sandra, I'm not sure if I'm brave or crazy to muse aloud, but I usually find it freeing and strengthening to do so! Very inspiring quotation, I will keep all these thoughts in mind as I further contemplate this scary dream. Also glad to know you have no regrets about your own reinvention.

"being grateful for my job does not translate into being passionate about my job"

I feel exactly the same way. I have a good job, been here a long time, but do I love it? NO!

I've got mixed emotions about the whole "follow your bliss" thing. I do believe it in theory but the logistics are what's tough, esp. money, insurance etc. Maybe I'm too practical.

But if money were no object, I'd make a career change too, in a heartbeat, and start doing animal rescue work full-time.

Keep us posted as your explore this more!


Annie, logistics are definitely a factor for me too. Particularly around money and work-life balance. I am not sure I will ever be prepared to devote all my personal time to study (not fair to my family). On the other hand, it would be an unthinkable financial burden to quit my job and do this full time. So this dream may very well remain out of my reach, even if I do decide it's one I'd like to follow, but...who knows, if the idea doesn't go away, I might find a way to make it work!

I will definitely keep you updated.


Anne & Annie, I certainly agree that,more often than not,logistics get in the way of our dreams!Shame that theory and practice often conflict!


Sheri & Annie, truth be told, I'm pretty much trusting that if this is the path for me, all will fall into place...don't know how, but figure something will work out eventually!


Anne, I really do like your thinking.I am passionate about my job and wish that for everyone. My hsb did a midlife career change at 50.We made some sacrifices,but it has worked out very well!

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