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Gratitude Friday...a rainy day of sunshiny goodness

I am grateful for unexpected girl's days out! Those wonderful days spent in the company of a best friend, days overflowing with laughter and conversation and friendship... ♥

I had hoped to sleep in this morning, since I had the day off, but many things conspired against me. First being Dave's alarm clock (he had to work today). Second being the torrential rains and incredibly noisy wind that prevented me from falling back asleep. Third being Winston, who came up the bed to *talk* to me as soon as he realized I was awake. And since he also likes to poke me with one claw if I ignore him, I gave him the attention he so loudly demanded. And finally, it occurred to me that I wasn't hearing any sounds from M's room, so had to crawl out of bed to wake her up and make sure she didn't miss her bus. (She is used to setting her own alarm and getting ready in our absence as her bus doesn't come until an hour after we leave for work, so I wasn't planning to get up on her account.) She got up on the wrong side of the bed, with her grumpy on, so I wasn't terribly sorry to see her out the door!

Just after M left, I heard an odd howl from Winston upstairs...oh no, that doesn't sound good, I thought, racing up the stairs. I snatched him up and ran down for the door, praying to put him out before he barfed inside the house...no such luck, although I did manage to get him as far as the hardwood floor, which is far easier to clean than carpet!

Shortly thereafter, Valerie called with a change of plans. She and I had originally planned to spend this afternoon together at the camper, with Dave and Mark and the girls joining us after work and school to (in Valerie's words) "celebrate Dave's passing and your new journey". I laughed and said that phrase would take on a whole other meaning to anyone who didn't know Dave just wrote an exam! He recently took a course and wrote an exam to become a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (which is an internationally recognized designation). The self study course took months, getting through the two massive binders of technical detail, plus a week long exam prep course in Toronto, followed by the exam itself. The exam has a 75% fail rate, and the passing grade is 78%...talk about pressure! He found out verbally on Tuesday that he'd passed, and got it in writing yesterday. Such a relief for him. I myself never had any doubt that he would pass - he's got both the brains and the work ethic, so I figured if he didn't pass, who on earth can? But still, knowing for sure that he passed this brutal exam is definitely a cause for celebration!! I am SO proud of him :)

However, the wind and rain made the camper a rather unattractive prospect. A bonfire was definitely out of the question, and we weren't even sure we could keep the generator running with the wind being so gusty. So, the camper plan scuttled, Valerie and I decided to go out for lunch and a movie.

We went to a restaurant in Halifax called Dofsky's. We had a very tasty appetizer - mushroom and goat cheese tart, with tomatoes and lettuce in a balsamic vinagrette. When it arrived, we were surprised to see only one tart on the plate (since I'd asked before ordering it and was told it would be two tarts.) The waitress explained that they used to put two on the plate, but then changed to one larger tart. Well if this was the larger tart, I hate to think how tiny the smaller ones were! But we split in two and enjoyed it anyway...it really was very tasty. And just as we finished, she brought over a second tart, saying basically Oops, there was a mistake and we should have gotten two tarts to begin with. So we split that one as well. For our entrees, we both decided that we've been in a rut of ordering pasta all the time, so decided to go for a burger. The Aussie burger, in fact. This was a concoction of burger, bacon, egg, beetroot, pineapple and possibly one other ingredient, I can't recall for certain. It was so big that we literally gave up trying to eat it with our hands as one normally eats a burger, and instead used knife and fork. It was a strange, but very tasty, burger experience!

After lunch, we had a couple hours before our movie started so headed over to the Sear's outlet store to see what was in stock. I'd never been there before, but will definitely be going back. I got myself 2 pairs of blue denim jeans, a pair of purple skinny jeans, and a pair of dress pants all for $39! The jeans were marked down about 75% to begin with, plus were on a buy one, get one free sale - who could resist such a sweet deal? Valerie also got a pair of the purple jeans and a really fantastic pair of black skinny jeans. I'm almost wishing I'd seen them first! :) (We wear the same size jeans, although are totally different shapes.) While in the outlet store, we beheld some truly hideous *fashion* statements, and wondered who on earth would wear such thing, never mind who thought it was a good idea to produce them in the first place!

After our uber-successful shopping excursion, we went to see the movie It's Complicated, with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, etc. Very funny, we laughed and snickered pretty much the whole way through. I can see myself getting it when it comes out on DVD, for those evenings I just want to settle in with a fluffy chick flick and a glass of wine. Meryl Streep was fantastic as always, but the actor playing her soon to be son in law nearly stole the show. He played his role perfectly, a role that required some talent to carry off, I think. Many would have overplayed it, but he kept just the right balance between playing it straight and hamming it up.

Then back to Val's place. I hung out for an hour or so, and then came along home to spend the rest of the evening with Dave and M. I modelled my new jeans for them, then took M up to Tim Horton's for an ice cappucino (a rather disgusting beverage in my opinion, but the girls like them!)

So...we had to leave the celebration of "Dave's passing" for another time, but Valerie and I sure had a marvellous day. I hope your Friday was delightful as well!

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, congrats to Dave's passing his exam and to you and Valerie for scoring such great deals at Sears. I'm a big fan of Meryl so thanks too for the review of her new movie. I didn't even hear of it until now.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Such a great post. It's great when days turn out this way unexpectedly...A friend and I have been trying to see this movie for a few months now!

Sounds like a terrific girl’s day out and congratulations to Dave on his "passing"! :)

Congratulations to Dave! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I have that movie in my Netflix queue.

I wanted to thank you for your concern on Saturday. I am very blessed to have so many wonderful ST and blogging friends. I didn't even realize that the tsunami was national news (I was busy glued to the local news) until Annie left me a comment about it on my PhotoHunt post. I figured I better do a quick post to let everyone know I was ok so everyone would not worry. I truly appreciate your concern and friendship.

LOL re "Dave's passing" and congrats to him. That sounds like such a fun day, and I've very intrigued about the purple jeans (would love to see a pic!).


girasoli, I was glad you posted the updates. You know, we really do have a wonderful community here. In some ways, I know more about my blog friends than I do about many real life friends!

Annie, I'll be happy to show off my purple jeans, that is a great idea for an upcoming blog post!

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