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Gratitude Friday...new beginnings

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be. ~ Douglas Adams

I am grateful for ending up at a place of new beginnings. As I wrote here earlier in the week, I am feeling drawn to ministry. Drawn in a way that feels impossible to ignore, drawn in a way that makes my heart beat with hope and wonder and amazement, drawn in a way that makes my soul sing and my spirit dance.

I must admit my heart is also full of butterflies because, let's face it, making such a huge leap at the age of 45, and from a comfortable and secure lifestyle, is a hell of a scary prospect! (A little piece of me is saying "yikes woman, what are you thinking??!") Of course, feeling drawn to ministry does not mean it will work out for me, but right now, I am filled with optimism and hope. And I am also floating along on a river of support and encouragement from family and friends...support that is, so far, unanimous.

Dave, as I mentioned, believes I can do anything. Sara said she feels I would be a good minister. When I told Moira yesterday that I was interested in ministry, her eyes widened, her face broke into smile and she said "REALLY? That would be so cool, you'd be good at that." My sister Lynn said she had already felt that I was considering this possibility, and she thinks it would be good for me and for any potential parishioners I might have. Friends like Jane (whose question prompted my voicing this feeling out loud), and Karl (who tells me I light up when talking of my church and faith journey) have offered encouragement as well. And my best friend Valerie (who of course, as I should have known, does not think it is a ridiculous idea after all), had something like this to say: "Well my dear friend, I have seen you travelling this road now and watched God leading you in a very particular direction but have been waiting to see if you also have had this sense. It is perhaps time to give consideration to asking for a discernment team to be set up. This is so exciting!!!"

She also gave me a brief outline of the United Church's discernment process which, as I told her, I had already looked up myself a while ago. More info is found on the UCC website if you're interested in the process...although if (when!) I do take that next step, I expect you'll learn all you ever wanted to know and more, since I'll be sharing my journey on my blog, I'm sure. And I am definitely feeling moved to take that next step and perhaps begin an amazing journey down a whole new path...


God, why do I storm heaven for answers that are already in my heart? Every grace I need has already been given me. Oh, lead me to the Beyond within.
~ Macrina Wieherkehr

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Anne, how exciting! From your blog posts I would guess you would make a great minister.


Brilliant, Anne! Best of luck with your explorations.


Thanks Candi and Sandra, I have to say I am utterly overwhelmed by everyone's response to my interest in ministry...it is an unexpected gift to be lifted by the belief of so many hearts. I sent an email today to my former minister, Iain, and he just sent me the most wonderful reply (which I confess had me in tears!)

A couple excerpts:

"For as long as I have known you I have been aware of a spirituality about you. So your decision to allow discernment to lead you towards ministry does not surprise me in the least but just gives me a warm glow! Partly that's because I recognized years ago that you were not just there in church to get the kids through Sunday School."

"Let me know when you feel ready to preach and we will invite you up as guest preacher to my neat, keen little church...We would love to have you come up and I can try to unload all sorts of books on you..."

**SMILE***I'm glad that you feel so comfortable with your decision...can't wait to read about your growth. Namaste!


Namaste, menehune. (What a beautiful expression that is.) I'm not at all sure where this new path will lead, but I am really excited to find out!

Cool. My uncle was a minister in the United Church so I understand the rewards and the challenges of the task ahead. All the best in finding your passion!

I am so happy you are following your passion.


Jerry, how interesting. Was he in Ontario too? (Wonder if my friend Valerie would have encountered him when she was ministering in Ont.) You're right, there are lots of challenges...hopefully I'll be up for them!

girasoli, this just feels right. I'm so glad my journey has led me to this place of exploration, and am so excited to discover where I'll go from here!

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