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Happy Birthday to Sara...the photos :)

We had such a wonderful afternoon with family and friends! :) After church (during which the entire congregation sang Happy Birthday to Sara, much to her embarrassment), we came back to our house for a little celebration.

Sara requested nachos and Cheesy Mexican dip (*recipe to follow) for her birthday munchies, so that was the main offering in the food lineup. I also made veggie and fruit trays, plus had sliced roast chicken and rolls to make sandwiches, and pita bread and hummus. An uber-simple but very tasty assortment!

Here are the girls gathered at the table, grazing on munchies, while Sara and Moira opened presents (Moi's birthday is not until this coming Thursday, but we usually have one combo family birthday celebration, and then the girls have a sleepover or whatever with their friends another time.)

Sara and I...yes, she is wearing her hat and scarf inside ("because I'm cold, momma")

Sara and her "other mom" :)

Moira and I...

My beautiful birthday girls sharing some sisterly love...

The girls and their Nan (Dave's mom)

Somehow I didn't manage to get a photo of the girls with my mother (oh well, next time!) But I did get a lovely one of me and Mom...

And we had a grand finale of ice cream cake, which is Sara's favourite! (From Sobey's, not Dairy Queen...we much prefer the ice cream of the Sobey's cake, not to mention the lack of those wierd crunchy things DQ cakes have in the middle.) Sara didn't want candles on it, so I set a little 3 stick candle holder on top of the package, just while we sang Happy Birthday and Sara made her birthday wishes, and then voila, the cake was still immaculate and ready for the cutting!

And here I am with all of my girls...

*PS...here's the recipe for the Cheesy Mexican dip that Sara loves so much. It's a recipe I got from Farmers Dairy, perhaps 15 years ago...which never turns out the same twice because I consider it a guideline really, more than an actual rule!

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I have never heard of Sobey's. DQ brings back memories though. No DQ's in Hawaii. I love ice cream cakes! Yum!

Great photos. Looks like everyone had a wonderful day! Yum again with the Cheesy Mexican dip recipe :)

Looks like everyone had a great time! Mmmmm..ice cream cake!

Happy birthday to both of your beautiful girls!


girasoli, not surprised you haven't heard of Sobey's in Hawaii. It's a grocery chain based out of Nova Scotia. I think their ice cream cakes are made by a dairy in Cape Breton NS, but not positive.


Looks like a fun celebration. Happy Birthday to Sara and Moira!

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