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My daughter, the poet


Sara wrote the following for a poetry contest. They are certainly winning creations in my mind. I think they are absolutely amazing and wonderful, so succinct and packed with meaning. They remind me of William Carlos Williams or ee cummings.

I am thrilled that she agreed to let me share them with you!



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They are truly wonderful, both of them. Wise and witty. thanks for sharing them!

Donna in SF:

Anne, your daughter's poetry is really, really good. She's got a fabulous talent there!

Please thank her for letting you share these!


This is one of those times when it was entirely my pleasure to share something on my blog. These poems really do show an amazing talent. I know, she could write a volume of poetry and then do watercolour illustrations for it!

I will definitely pass along both of your thanks to Sara.

Thank you for sharing. I admire her ability to put her thoughts so photographically into words. What a gift!

It was like she was reading my mind with the instructions always get lost poem! It takes me 6 hours to put together a simple fan and I always have extra screws left over!

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