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Escher-esque computer art

I was browsing through my picture folders and found this image that Moira created when she was five, using some drawing program or another. I thought it was really cool at the time, and still do! She created it around the same time as the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia hosted an exhibit of Dutch artist M. C. Escher, so I consider this to be from her Escher phase!


Here are a few samples of Escher's art in case you aren't familiar with him:





And a couple from his Italian period...yes, like so many of us, Escher had a fondness for Italy! The first is of Atrani, on the Amalfi Coast. The second is just called The Bridge.



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Moira did well.

That is so cool. I used to teach art and my Escher unit was always a favourite with the grade 8 students.

The German Shepherd next door is called Escher, after the artist. Yes, the owner is Dutch. :)

Fabulous Escher-like image from Moira. I used to be passionately intrigued by his use of negative image and repetition. Great post! m

She did that when she was 5? Amazing! I've never seen the Escher Italy works before - fantastic.

Did she do that at home or at school? Very cool! Love seeing Escher's art. Our school focuses on certain artists the kids try to copy (well not really copy but create similar type pieces). I think Escher would be a very interesting artist to study.


She did it at home. I should clarify that the computer program had predesigned shapes, she didn't draw it from scratch, just cut and pasted them into a pattern that she liked. But still, it's really cool and eyecatching, I think!


This is a very good art work, may i have one

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