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Gratitude Friday...blue jays!

I was going to write about art, but changed my mind after my eyes landed on the blue jay feather I found in the yard last Saturday and I read this on wikipedia:

In old African American folklore of the southern United States, the Blue Jay was held to be a servant of the Devil, and was not encountered on a Friday as he was fetching sticks down to Hell; furthermore, he was so happy and chirpy on a Saturday as he was relieved to return from Hell.

Well, folklore tales notwithstanding, the Blue Jay will be encountered this Friday...on my blog! I am grateful for blue jays.

Sometimes I get caught up in admiring the spectacularly plumed birds of southern climates, and forget about the wonderful birds surrounding me. I am especially fond of the delicate, intricately patterned beauty of the blue jay. I know blue jays can have harsh calls and a reputation as a bit of a bully, but...they really are a gorgeous and fascinating bird. And, I believe, one of the more intelligent birds. My mom has blue jays around the bird feeder just outside her kitchen window and I love being able to watch them from just a few feet away. Their colouring is so stunning, the sight of them lifts my spirits!

I found this photo online:


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I did not realize the beautiful plummage the blue jays have.

I love the patterns on their wing tips and the tail feathers are stunning too.

When I first saw this title, I thought maybe you were taking up baseball and were thankful for the Toronto Blue Jays! :)

It certainly is a beautiful bird!


LOL girasoli, I fear my utter lack of interest in sports is near legendary in my family! (My sister is a huge baseball and Blue Jays fan though.)

Ann, great photo. However, I am thinking the photo disguises the persnicketiness (if there is such a word) of this bird - at least in Massachusetts! Now, a cardinal ... ahhh:-)

I love seeing what the blue jay looks like on the East. We have a very different blue jay - much darker with a little spikey feather top. We have two that come around our yard but they are very shy and take off the moment they see us - even in the house. We also had them in California when I was growing up and they were NOT shy - very noisy and kinda aggressive. But I loved them also.

I see them out my kitchen window all the time. They do have a bad rep for being bullies but they don't seem to scare the smaller birds away from my feeders.

What a beautiful looking bird!

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