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Gratitude Friday...Dave ♥

In my very first Gratitude Friday entry, I shared a whole list of people and things for which I am grateful. First on the list was:

I am grateful...

...for my awesome husband and soulmate, Dave. Our 22nd anniversary is tomorrow* and, after all these years, I think he knows me better than I do...he even understands my inner child moments! He gives me space, he holds me close, his presence makes me feel grounded and safe and unconditionally loved. (And he's really good to snuggle with when watching scary movies!)

* (the entry was written in August...)

And I am feeling all the more grateful for him these days, as I step out onto an exciting - and also a bit scary! - new path that will hopefully lead to ministry.

We were watching CBC news the other night and there was a story about the Nova Scotia housing market...up 8.2% over last year. I joked and said hey, we should sell our house while the market's strong. Dave replied that, in fact, we should sell our house in the next year or two and move into one of the subdivisions in our community. (Our house sits just outside the area where municipal water and sewer services are available...and a dug well and septic are very unattractive to a certain percentage of home buyers.) His reason being that downsizing now would enable us to be better positioned for a quick move "when you get your own parish." I rushed over to give him a hug, thinking how amazingly supportive is that?? Matter of factly being prepared to move to wherever I might be called to be. Mind you, at present, we need to be within commuting distance of his downtown office, although by the time I've gone through discernment and (hopefully) go on to do my Masters and become ordained, perhaps he'll be able to relocate to one of the regional offices elsewhere in the province. With his brains, education and work ethic, he is such a valuable employee, that I am hoping his department will be as flexible as possible as far as his physical location. And he himself seems prepared to do whatever it takes for me to follow this call, including a lengthy daily commute, if necessary. I am truly blessed to be journeying through life with such an amazing partner! ♥

This photo is from many years ago, and Dave has his eyes closed (what else is new with Mr. Camera Shy??), but it's one of my favourites!


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Barb Cabot:

I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Award. It is awarded to bloggers whose positiveness and creativity inspire others in the blog world.
You can pick it up over on my blog at http://followbarbsbliss.blogspot.com/

I love reading your blog. It is awesome and inspiring.
Congratulations !

How wonderful and romantic; I can understand why you are grateful for Mr. Camera Shy!

Anne, that is a sweet photo. I am glad you have the support you need and you are laying out the plans for your new journey.

Happy Friday!


Thanks Barb, I'm honoured!! And congrats to you too, you definitely deserve a Sunshine Award for your wonderful blog! :)

Annie, he is very romantic in his deep and quiet way! :)

Thanks Candi, my request goes to Council on Sunday and I'm feeling a bit of last minute jitters! (Just nervous energy though, not having any second thoughts or anything, I am still passionate to answer this call!)


Hi Anne,

I couldn't find any email addy for you. Could you please email me? I'm trying to find some info that I think you could help with.


Great post, Anne. We should all take the time to be grateful for our chosen life partners.

I didn't even think about the fact that you might have to move. You are very lucky to have such a wonderful and thoughtful husband.


Deborah, so true about taking time to be grateful for our soulmates. Can be easy to take them for granted just because of being together everyday.

girasoli, moving is a definite possibility, even we stay in our same geographic location. If I end up at a church with a manse, it wouldn't make financial sense to stay in our own house. We'd sell and invest the funds for that time in the future when we would need our own home again. I am incredibly lucky to have Dave! :)


Great post,Anne.Wishing you and Dave the best as you travel this journey!

Wow, that is so cool! Yay Dave! (And I love your phrase "If I end up at a church with a manse..."! If you have a manse I am so coming to visit!!


thanks Sheri :)

Chiocciola, yay that would be so much fun if you came to visit!

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