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Guess where? (#4)

Here's another Guess Where challenge for you...

This photo is from my first trip to Italy...my mom actually snapped the shot, which I think is absolutely gorgeous! (This city is somewhat under-rated, in my opinion.) Good luck!


Well, we're nearing the end of the March madness challenge! I've only missed one day the whole month- woohooo!!! (I thought I'd missed 2 days - yesterday and the 14th - but when I was just looking at my list of entries, I saw the one I had lined up for the 14th and just forgot to publish, so I am not counting it as a miss. I just published it as is and so the 14th is no longer an empty space on my blog calendar! Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!)

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COngratulations on an almost perfect March Madness. I did not do very well.

I agree that photo is gorgeous!


Eden, you posted some fantastic entries! So you can definitely get away with the quality, not quantity, excuse!

girasoli, you have a good eye - Pisa it is! This was taken from mid-span of the Ponte di Mezzo. Mom and I had taken the train from Florence, and walked from the train station up Corso Italia, through Piazza Cavalieri, to the Piazza del Duomo (and yes, we climbed the tower!)

Congratulations for making through the month. It has not been as hard this time for me.

I recognized Pisa also. I agree - I think it is a underrated city. There is a lot more to see the just the tower.

Lovely photo - didn't venture a guess, as I seem to have done poorly with my choices - but this was fun!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, is it Pisa? :) Honestly, I did not recogize the photo, but then I visited Pisa as part of a group tour and so we did not get the pleasure of exploring this wonderful city. Maybe on my next visit there.

Great photo. Thanks so much for sharing. Have wonderful week.


Kathy - yes it is Pisa :) Which is a really lovely city, and just feels alive somehow! I really enjoyed wandering around the streets and parks...there is much more than just the Duomo, Baptistry and Tower (awesome though those are, of course!)

I was gonna guess Pisa too, although late. Nice shot, we enjoyed our visit there.

Congrats on sticking to the challenge, I missed at least 6 97 days. Oh well. I am trying to finish my quilted table runner and placemats for my dining table before Bill's family come to visit. I know, excuses, excuses.


Interesting! I have not yet visited Pisa, in part because it's not highly rated. But I'm going to have to re-think that.

Looks like Pisa.


Candi, I may have done well on my own challenge, but have really been struggling to keep up on my reading, and haven't noticed the odd skipped days by others - so your secret's safe with me! lol

Sandra, I really do recommend spending some time in Pisa, at least one overnight - like most places, it is very different after the daytrippers are gone.

Check out Gloria's blog entries on Pisa, you'll fall in love!


She also has some fantastic information and walking routes on her rental apt website:


Angie - you're right, it is the lovely Pisa! :)

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