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On this day in 2006...

During our first trip to Italy back in 2006, mom and I spent a couple nights in Sorrento. On March 18, we took the bus (yes, the famous Amalfi Coast bus!) to Amalfi and spent a day wandering around that magical place. I took some videos of our day and pieced a few snippets together. The quality is not great, but I'll share it with you anyway.

Notes of what you will see:
The first bit is of the bus ride. Was very hard recording on the bus, but I included a couple minutes of the ride for those who have not yet experienced this thrill, just to give a sense of how close the road is to the edge and how close the bus comes to walls and buildings while zipping along. I also love the cool horn sounds, very different from automobile horns in North America!

Then a panorama of Amalfi, taken from the wharf at the bottom of the hill, just after we got off the bus.

We then wandered up to the Cathedral, and while I was recording, we realized there was an actual wedding taking place, so I snuck a bit of that into my video! The pipe organ was spectacular, what a rich and deep and gorgeous sound. I remember that outside on the landing of the church, friends of the newlyweds had laid out entwined double hearts in rice! I didn't get a shot of that unfortunately.

And now...am off for a couple days...heading out the door very shortly - Valerie and I are taking Moira and Kaleigh to the camper for a couple nights. We are "letting" Dave and Mark join us tomorrow night :), but tonight is just for us girls! Val and I have to pop back to the church for this evening's Lenten worship service (kind of hard for her to miss that, being the minister and all!) But otherwise, just hanging out, probably go for some walks, clean the winter debris off the campsites (not to mention the junk left behind by the previous owners of the sites.)

I've scheduled posts for Friday and Saturday, and expect to be back to "live" posting on Sunday. I wish you all a fantastic weekend!!

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Barb Cabot:

No matter how much time passes it is always nice to reflect on certain dates that stand out because of where you were on this date some time ago. I love your reflections on your trip with your mom. Have a wonderful weekend. Making more memories with your own children now. Have fun.

How fantastic - even captured a wedding on video. What a great memory to cherish with your mom too.

Hope you have a wonderfully bonding weekend. m


I still haven't seen the Amalfi Coast. Someday....

Hope you had a great weekend, Anne!

I had to zip through part of the video because of my motion sickness. Cool video to have! The Amalfi Coast is on the top of my list of places to return to. I hope you had a great weekend!

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