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Plantar fasciitis

I woke up yesterday morning with a sore heel. My first thought was that it was bruised, because that's what it feels like. And it may very well be that I stepped on a rock or something and bruised my heel pad, although surely if I stepped hard enough to leave a bruise, I'd remember, wouldn't I? Or maybe I have an early warning sign of plantar fasciitis. From what I've read, and from what a few Facebook friends have shared, my symptoms might fit the profile of plantar fasciitis. (You can read about this condition here or you can google it for more information than you ever wanted to know!)

Mind you, the wiki page says: "Sometimes ball-of-foot pain is mistakenly assumed to be derived from plantar fasciitis. A dull pain or numbness in the metatarsal region of the foot could instead be metatarsalgia (aka stone bruise), also called capsulitis." I'm not diagnosing myself with this, or any particular condition. If my heel pain persists, I'll be going to see my doctor for sure. But I am concerned enough to take some precautions, like stretching exercises and also might pop up to the pharmacy and see what orthotics they have for arch support. I do have high arches, and that increases risk of getting plantar fasciitis. Women are also more prone to getting it.

According to this article on CBC's website, causes can include overloading the plantar fascia by "increasing your exercise activity too much, too quickly — like adding too many kilometres to your running or walking program." Say, perhaps power walking a km to meet a friend and then walking together another 3-5 kms over the lunchhour? (Which I did Friday, not that walking 5 kms is unusual for me, but I haven't been out much lately so am a tad out of shape.) So I figure better safe than sorry, and certainly adding some stretching to my daily routine won't be a bad thing in any case!

Here's a video I found on youtube that has a good summary of this condition and ways to help ease the pain and prevent flareups:

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Anne, the two things that helped me the most were the arch supports; and alternating my shoe heel height. One day I will wear shoes with 1" heels. The next they will be 2" heels.
The arch supports that have rigid plastic in them are much better than the ones that don't.
Avoid really high heels. If you wear flats, wear the absolute highest arch supports you have. I even put two pairs of supports in my shoes sometimes.


Very interesting! I have had problems with PF -- a lot of foot problems, actually -- and custom made orthodics have helped enormously.

I am very sorry to read you are dealing with Plantar Fasciitis. I had that a few years ago. I guess technically I will have it forever but wear sandals that have very good arch support which has solved my problem.

I used to walk in Teva shoes (2-3 miles) which is how I am guessing I got it. It was extremely painful. I was lucky to talk to someone who told me about the importance of good shoes/good arch support. I now were Chacos almost exclusively (have 5 or 6 colors) even though they are not very stylish. I did go get special orthotics made by a foot doctor but don't use them much. They seem to hurt since I don't wear them regularly and they take time to get used to.

I also bought the type of arch support that you can cook in the oven. Mine overcooked a bit (funky oven) and I ended up getting them for free (Zappos customer support). I was able to somehow salvage them and use them in my clogs.

The main point with all of my rambling is the need for good arch support - over style. I hope the pain will go away for you soon and you will find something that works. I have not had to do the stretching once it calmed down but did in the beginning. Good luck!

I've also had this and found arch supports a great help. I usually get it when I start exercising too fast and too much.

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