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Dinner theatre

Friday night, Sara, Dave, Valerie and I went to the dinner theatre at Mark's church. Holy side-splitting laughter, Batman - what a riot!!! The woman who writes and directs these productions is really talented...the script was hilarious, and the players (including Mark) totally brought it to life. A fantastic evening of entertainment and a tasty meal for $25, what a deal!

Here we are preshow, waiting to be called down to our table. Sara, Dave and...HEY whatcha doing sitting on my hubby's lap, girlfriend?!? :) We were also joined by a few others...ok, seven others, we were a rather sizable and rowdy party!

We dined on a green salad, rolls, roast beef dinner - with mashed potatoes and gravy, peas and carrots...many, many peas for me (Sara hates peas so I traded veggies with her...I may hide from peas for a couple months, though, I think I reached a temporary saturation point!) All washed down with wine and water. Dessert was some variation of Sex in a Pan (sample recipe here), which was surprisingly tasty and a cup of tea (or coffee.)

One of the players/waiters (aka Mark):

The show was a take-off of the Idol shows. Started off with some country bumpkins (jokes about Deliverance were made) complaining about having splinters from having to use the outhouse (and trying to figure out where their pappy kept his stash of moonshine!)

A used car salesman (named Rusty V. Hickle) and another guy stop by on their way to Hal-Y-fax for the big talent show. When the yokels hear that the prize is $100,000, they get all excited ("we'll be millionaires!!") and decide to go audition too...

So off they all head to try out for Canada Must Have Talent!

When the panel of judges was introduced, we were told that since "Simon" had quit, they needed another judge, and were going to pick someone from the audience. We had numbered ticket stubs, and they were going to draw a number out of a jar. Slight panic ensued, people tried to hide or give away their stubs, etc...you could almost hear the collective thought "don't pick me, don't pick me..." And then they called a number, everyone relaxed as a woman shrieked "that's me!!!" and up came one of the cast members who'd been planted in the audience. This little trick on us was very well played! (I'm pretty sure Valerie was in on the secret, but she didn't let on.)

The panel:

Out came contestant(s) number 1313 (Bubba and Cletus Knuitwhynder), doing their rendition of John Denver's Country Boy:

They didn't get a gold ticket, so they giggled and whispered and turned their number into 1818, switched clothes and tried again, this time singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody:

Another contestant named Dolly (I forget the fake last name):

Here's the prima donna contestant, Amanda Lynn (as in a mandolin...yup, lots of bad puns!):

Well contestants 1818 didn't fare so well either, so (more giggling, guffawing and whispering), they flipped their numbers upside down and returned as 8181 (aka Bletus and Clubba Whyndknuiter), performing something by Aerosmith (a capella):

Success!! This time they got their gold ticket, and were to appear in the finale...at which time they brought down the house with their enthusiastic version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight...

And of course they won the crown...I'm sure it was a very proud moment for Valerie! lol

I leave you with this little video clip. The sound is awful - I recorded it on my little digital camera - and the image is shaky in places where I was roaring with laughter. But I think it's pretty funny anyway...

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Sounds like so much fun. Thanks for the morning smile.

Barb Cabot:

Looks hilarious. What a great night.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, LOL! Very funny...The real Simon however would probably tell your friends that they were a bit pitchy on the Lion Sleeps Tonight. :) Just kidding.

Based on your wonderful post, it sounds like the actors and play writer did an excellent job. I thought the audience plant was a great trick too.

Thanks for the great laugh.


Thanks all, it truly was hilarious - my cheeks were sore from laughing!! Kathy, that trick was a stroke of genius! They should have had a camera on the audience to capture the nervous reactions! lol

Sounds like a great time!

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