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Easter camping...

As I wrote last entry - Oh what a glorious weekend!!!

We had a fantastic family dinner at my sister Lynn's on Saturday evening. We hung out on her front deck for a couple hours, had a few beers and some conversation. And then in we went for a marvellous feast of chicken and ham, roasted potatoes a lovely variety of vegetables and tasty flax bread. And a choice of chocolate or lemon tart for dessert - yeah, who am I kidding - chocolate OR lemon? Naturally I had both! (I brought dessert, but must confess it wasn't homemade, I picked them up from the Superstore on the way home from the camper. But they were very good.)

We enjoyed record breaking temperatures here in Nova Scotia on Sunday. According to a story on CBC our average highs this time of year are around 6 or 7C, with a previous record of just over 17C, but the official temp at the airport was 23C. Mind you, it was even warmer at the camper, I'd say at least 25 or 26C during the afternoon. (Although, we were reminded that it was still April when the temps dropped fast once the sun began to set!)

With the promise of gorgeous weather, another Easter feast and sharing time with friends, Moira and I zipped home after church to collect Dave and have a quick bite of lunch, and then off to the camper we went. Valerie, Mark, Sarah and Kaleigh were already there. (My Sara had classes on Monday, plus papers to work on, otherwise she would have joined us too. So my mom drove her home after church.)

Moira supervising the unloading of the wood from the back of the truck:

Mr. Lumberjack:

Mr. Lumberjack (carefully) training the next generation:

View of our site from one far corner:

View from the other far corner (and atop the ladder of Valerie's mansion):

Mmmm...boiled dinner over the open fire:

Still hard to believe we were dressed thus on April 4th in Nova Scotia:

These two are always stylin', even at the campground:

Hold that pose:

Contemplating her next move? (Playing auction 45's):

Val & Mark relaxing by the fire, after supper:

Roasting marshmallows and spiderlegs (aka weiners, with the ends sliced so they curl and spread as they roast...one of these times I'll remember to take a photo!), and lighting random sticks of wood on fire:

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