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Easter camping...the morning after :)

We didn't actually stay up late Sunday night...we were all in bed not long after ten. Something about being outdoors all day can really bring on the sleepies! I woke up a few times through the night, just not used to sleeping in the Boler yet, I think. I got up at 7, would have stayed in bed longer, but I really had to pee (TMI, I know!) Plus the bird song was lovely, and the light was bright, and the day just lured me outside. Dave got up around 8, Val and Mark half an hour or so later, and the girls straggled out a while after that. We had coffee and sat around the fire, being lazy and enjoying the morning.

Eventually we got around to making lunch (and by "we", I mean Valerie!) She cooked up a super delicious hash made from the leftovers of the previous night's supper, plus we made our own turkey sandwiches. Why does food always taste so good when you're camping?! After lunch Mark left with the girls. His church does a dinner theatre fundraiser each year, which he takes part in, and the girls were going with him to watch the youth performance (aka dress rehearsal). We're going to one of the real shows on Friday (I'll try to remember my camera so I can share the experience!) Dave and I stayed another hour or so, then Dave wanted to get home, so off we went, leaving Val to enjoy a quiet afternoon to herself.

Here are a few of the photos I took Monday morning...

The obligatory outhouses! (There are real washrooms and showers, but the outhouses come in handy during the winter when the other building is closed up and we don't feel like walking the extra few steps up to the washroom off the laundromat, which is next to the store that doubles as the campground office.)

I thought this crooked lamppost looked pretty cool reflected in the puddle...

Dave strolling down the road by our camper, having a morning smoke...

Brewing up some morning coffee (actually just heating water to pour into the coffee press...one must have a decent cup of coffee, after all, even when roughing it at the camper!)

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barb cabot:

I love this last photo alot. It reminded me of camping with my parents and the early morning feel of a fire. Happy times. So lucky that your family enjoys this together.


Barb, that last is one of my favourites too. The only thing missing from our Easter camping was Sara, with upcoming exams, she just couldn't take the extra day off from studying. But hoping to get her out to the camper over the summer, at least for a couple days!


Looks like it was a beautiful weekend! I can almost smell the campfire!

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