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Easter camping...playing with fire

We spent Sunday evening roasting marshmallows and weiners and just having a grand old time chillin' around the bonfire. The girls sang campfire songs for a while...and would have kept going except we begged them to stop! (In our defense, many of the songs they were singing were ones which needed the accompanying actions in order to make sense, but it was too dark to see the actions.)

Mark figured this was a good time to burn palm branches. So he and Dave twisted them up into torches, 'cause that just seemed like a cool thing to do. Mark tied his up with tape, and Dave basically called him a wuss, since he himself was just using a piece of palm branch to fasten his torch...but then Mark's torch burst into huge flames and he said "mock my tape, will ya? My torch is better than your torch!" To which Dave replied "yeah, well real men don't need tape!"

Dave's second torch was more successful than his first:

The girls wanted in on the action...and yes, yes we ARE the kind of parents who let our children play with fire! (Only over the firepit though, we weren't so careless as to let them run around with flaming palm branches!)



I couldn't believe how bright these things were!! We had to move our chairs back from the flames...and institute a one-torch-at-a-time rule because the heat was just too intense otherwise.

Valerie and I left the torch burning to others, and just roasted marshmallows...although it took longer than normal since we had to keep leaning away from the big balls of fire!

...Val's marshmallow caught on fire so she joked it was her torch!

A wonderful end to a wonderful day!

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Playing with fire (safely) looks like a fun activity! I can see the enjoyment in the girls' faces.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, great photos, it looks like you all had so much fun. Those torches looked really cool in the dark. Looks like both the teens and adults were having a lot of fun that evening. :)

Anne, I tried to leave a post on your latest post too but a message saying error kept coming up so I'm also posting my comments for your newest entry here. Great job on capturing the red winged blackbird in flight. It sounds and looks like you, your family and friends had a wonderful Easter weekend. I love all of your photos especially those beautiful sunsets.

Thanks so much for sharing. I'm really enjoying reading all of your Easter weekend entries. Have a great day today.


Thanks Eden, they had a blast and what fun to watch them roaring with laughter!! I was reminded of when I was young and my grandfather used to make us flaming torches out of cat-tails!

Kathy, you're right, we all had fun! Sorry about the recent post - I posted it early this morning, and then decided to make it my Gratitude Friday entry, and thought I got it unpublished before anyone saw it. Guess not! Glad you enjoyed it. The blackbird photo came out better than I expected. I am SO looking forward to spending lots of time at the camper this summer!! Have a great weekend (this is my Friday...am off tomorrow!)


Wow ! Playing with fire is right! Very cool photos.

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