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Gratitude Friday...my cell phone camera :)

Just realized I missed last Friday (oops!) Retroactively, I am grateful for evenings out with my BFF. She and I (and another friend of hers) went to see a play at Neptune Theatre, called Bigger Than Jesus. (When Val told her daughter we were going to see this play, K said "don't you two Jesus freaks ever do anything else?!" Funny...she does have a point though! lol)

Personally, I thought it was worth the price of admission...mind you, we chose the cheap seats, so said admission only cost us fifteen bucks!), although I wasn't blown away like a local reviewer (you can read the review here if interested.) The play wasn't particularly thought provoking for me, but I can see that it might be rather shocking, and/or perhaps offensive, for those who read scripture literally. The author/actor opened by stating that he doesn't believe in Jesus as the literal son of God and explained that the play was a Mass. And then launched into Roman Catholic liturgy...followed by, among other things, a little skit using plastic figurines (including a Homer Simpson pez dispenser playing the part of Judas, which made me laugh!) He also did a spiel in the mode of a TV evangelist, which he played with great fervour and conviction! There was a scene in which he played Christ answering the prayers of folks on a flight to Jerusalem (on AirJesus or something like that), which I found tedious and afterward Valerie said pretty much the same thing, wondering what the point of it was...really could have been edited out of the play altogether. But, even though there was nothing eye opening for me, I found it refreshing to have this understanding of Christianity shouted from the rooftops because I don't hear it often in church (I gather from Valerie that there are still many people in our church who take scripture literally, so I guess she has to find a middle ground with her preaching.)

So that was last Friday...this week, I am grateful for my cell phone camera! So I can capture on the spot moments like these...

An interesting message on the Universalist Unitarian church in Halifax (which I actually want to attend some Sunday, to see what it's like):

This hilarious sign in our lunchroom (and I wonder why people make fun of civil servants!):

Historic homes in Halifax juxtaposed with ugly concrete buildings:

The lovely St. Paul's in Halifax

Cool cloudbursts and heavenly rays, spotted while driving (as a passenger!):


Moments of amazing grace:

That last photo was taken two years ago, while I was driving Moira home from children's choir practice. I was feeling spiritually drained and physically exhausted for various reasons. As we rounded a particular corner where the road runs alongside Grand Lake, we were met with a most glorious sunset. Glowing golden colours spread across the sky and reflected in the lake, with a blaze of light above a sinking ball of red sun. At the time I wrote that it "felt like the Spirit sending a message of joy - how can one not be uplifted by such a radiant image?!" I pulled over, wishing I had my camera, then remembered I had my cell phone. Moira popped across the road and snapped a photo without telephone wires intruding in the scene. To this day, looking at this image brings me a feeling of peace and comfort. ♥

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Great shots. That toaster over sign is hilarious!

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