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Let the discerning begin!!!

This is me...

This is me on drugs...

No, not really, there were no drugs involved! Er, except for a celebratory beer... The second photo is how I have felt since last night when I got some great news! (The first photo is one Sara took one evening when we were fooling around with poses...she calls it "momma's emo picture". lol)

Just a quick update for those who read my previous entry about exploring ministry. To very briefly summarize that post, I said I feel called by God to ministry, ordained ministry to be specific, so had written a letter to my church council asking that a Discernment Committee be set up - because that's the process in the United Church of Canada for those who feel called to ordered ministry.

I gave my letter to our minister (aka my best friend Valerie) to bring to our church's Council when next they gathered...she said that would be at the congregational Annual General Meeting (AGM). I was hesitant about having my request announced to such a large crowd, but didn't want to wait another two months for the next Council executive meeting, so...I said ok, let's do it then. I am often insecure about proclaiming my own good news in person...have this feeling people are going to react in a "yeah, so what?" kind of way that will leave me feeling really deflated and idiotic for imagining they'd be interested in the first place. Weird?

Before the congregational AGM, came our Pastoral Charge's Annual Board Meeting, a much smaller gathering. Unexpectedly, we did an icebreaker where everyone said their name and their passion. I listened as the people around the circle spoke, waiting for my turn, wondering if I felt inspired to share my true passion or just make light of the question as some seemed to be doing. One woman said something along the lines of how, at her age (only 50), she is too old for passions and just lives life comfortably...that seems sad to me, I think I will never be too old for passions! Anyway, it came round to me...I said "I am passionate about many things, my husband, my children, my church..." Pause. Split second of thoughts racing around in my head...I decided it felt right to share my big news so I continued: "...actually I'm so passionate about my church that I am requesting a discernment committee to discern a call to ministry." Murmurs of surprise - drowned out by an outburst from Valerie: "YES!! I'm so glad she finally said it out loud, I've been bustin' a gut keeping it to myself!!" (In her full Newfoundland accent that always slips out when she is excited...so cute!)

The AGM was the following week. Valerie read my letter, and my request was met with unanimous approval by my church family and a round of applause...I noticed more than one hand waving to make a motion before Valerie even finished reading! How supportive is that? I love those people. ♥ The next step was to forward my request to Presbytery...and then wait...and wait...and wait. Ok, not really all that long of a wait, I suppose. Val mailed the request right away, but the Education & Students Committee didn't meet again until recently, April 7 to be exact.

But seemed a long time since I'd written my letter on Feb 20, then had to wait until our AGM on March 7 for my church to approve it, and have been waiting ever since to hear from Presbytery. Argh!! I was getting really impatient yesterday afternoon, wishing they would hurry up and let me know if my request was approved...I wrote on my facebook status that I was starting to wonder if the delay was a sign (and not a good one!) Then, in one of those quirky twists of coincidence, I got the mail on my way home - lo and behold, there was a letter from Presbytery saying that they are pleased to recognize the decision of my church to receive me as an Inquirer to the ministry of the United Church of Canada and to establish a Discernment Committee. Yay!! One more step along the world I go...

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One very big step, Anne! Congratulations!

a round of applause -- blessings and many more smiles for you to come!

Barb Cabot:

Yayyyyy! Anne this is such wonderful news. I'm so happy for you. Congrats.

Glad to hear that the ball is rolling along. Good luck with the next steps!

Congratulations. Small steps but you will make it.

A very belated congratulations!

What a happy moment for you to have the process started.

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