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Oh what a glorious weekend :)

Just a quick entry to say - Happy Easter everyone!! And to ramble on a bit about my weekend :)

After yesterday's Good Friday service, Dave and I headed out to the campground. (Sara is home for the weekend, and she and Moira wanted some sister time, so Dave and I went to the camper so they could be alone...plus I'd already been planning to go out ever since I saw the weekend forecast earlier in the week!) Valerie, Mark and Kaleigh arrived just minutes after we did, which was cool. We'd been talking about being at the campground this weekend, but I wasn't sure if they were coming Friday or not. First things first, we all unloaded the wood from the back of our truck (thanks Lynn!) Dave and Mark chopped the bigger pieces up for easier burning. Kaleigh chopped a couple pieces too. The wood is uber-hard rock maple though, so many of the pieces were a real challenge to chop! But it sure burns well. And we have a lovely big stack of it too! (Again - thanks Lynn!!)

It was a gorgeous, warm day...a bit of chill in the breeze off the lake, but nothing serious. We spent the whole day outside. Strolling around the campground, walking up to the store, sitting around the picnic table playing five handed Auction Forty-fives (a card game with some rather bizarre rules, but loads of fun to play.) Valerie had such a streak of luck - I figure she was hiding the ace of hearts up her sleeve! :) I have many a memory of playing 45's while growing up...good times! My maternal grandmother especially had infinite patience to sit and play for hours with me and my sister. Val said they played it in Newfoundland too, but they called it 120's, and with a few variations. Recently I introduced Moira and Kaleigh to the game, and now they are as hooked as my sister and I were!

After a couple rousing card games (won by she with the ace of hearts up her sleeve...), we cooked supper over the firepit. I chopped up potatoes, carrots and onions, added a few pats of butter and a couple cans of mushrooms, sprinkled on a little salt and pepper, wrapped it all up in tinfoil packets and lay them on the grill. Once the veggies were cooked, we set them to the side to keep warm, while Dave grilled pork chops. All very tasty...what is it about eating outdoors? Everything just tastes better, doesn't it?! After supper, we sat around the bonfire for a little while, then Mark, Val and Kaleigh left (they couldn't stay the night because Mark had dinner theatre practice first thing this morning.)

Dave and I enjoyed the rest of the evening (ok, so we only stayed up a couple more hours...ten pm bedtime for us tired old foggies!) What a beautiful evening it was though, the stars were shining overhead like diamonds, there was barely a breeze, the fire was crackling...heavenly! We slept reasonably well...I woke up a bunch of times throughout the night, but felt fairly well rested come the morning. There was a bit of fog in the air when we got up, so everything was damp. But we hung around a little while and had coffee. I also had a light breakfast of yogourt and grapes. Then we cleaned up, packed up, locked up and headed home.

We have an Easter dinner at my sister's this evening - should be a great time! Then sunrise service tomorrow morning, followed by breakfast...home for an hour or two, then back for the regular 11am Sunday worship, which will be filled with music (although we will definitely need the Spirit with us for at least one of our choir pieces! We've been sounding rather squeeky on one called Glorious Indescribable.) After church, I will run Sara back to her apartment, since she doesn't have Monday off (a number of years ago, Dalhousie University traded their Easter Monday holiday for a holiday in February, so she has regular classes.) And then it's back to the camper. Valerie is making boiled dinner for our Easter feast - yummy!! (How lucky am I to get TWO Easter dinners this weekend?!)

The weather forecast for tomorrow is full on sunshine and wonderful warm temperatures...just like today (in fact, why am I inside on the computer??? I must get out for a walk!!)

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We sure lucked out with the weather didn't we? What a brilliant weekend. How wonderful to be able to get outside, do some gardening, walk . . . listen to the birds. AHHH Spring!

Happy Easter.


Sounds like a perfect weekend so far! Have a Happy Easter,Anne.

Happy Easter! Sounds like a great weekend :)

Happy Easter!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, sounds like you had a wonderful weekend leading up to Easter. I'm sure you and the choir sounded beautiful singing Glorious Indescribable. And I had to smile at your comment about going to bed at 10:00 am. Sounds familiar.

Happy Belated Easter.

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