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Heritage Quilt

Here is the Maritime Conference Heritage Quilt I mentioned near the end of my last entry...

This is what we saw in the days leading up to our anniversary service:


Then, during the service, the "doors" were opened to this beautiful sight:


It truly is a gorgeous work of art. "We are not alone" is the first line of the United Church of Canada's New Creed. Below the central celtic cross is the logo of Maritime Conference, and below that that is the UCC crest. Other symbols include wine, bread, star, candles, organ pipes, burning bush, tree, wedding rings, bible, baptism, manger, fish, bells, lilies, dove, casserole (potluck, anyone?!) The side panels reflect the church in both rural and urban settings. I'm so glad I had a chance to see this wonderful quilt, it looks great in our sanctuary! (Alas, it must continue its journey one of these days soon, so we'll have to pass it along to another church.)

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It is absolutely beautiful! The casserole cracks me up but it's a great symbol for a church community. It's a cool tradition to have a traveling quilt.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, that is a really beautiful quilt and a wonderful Creed. I found it very interesting to read about the symbolism of the Crest as well. The links were very helpful.

Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful week.


Annie, I must admit the casserole made me giggle too :) The colours and detail in the quilt are amazing. I should take some close up photos before it goes on its way.

Kathy, I'm glad to know you enjoyed the extra reading in the links. The opening line of the Creed is so powerful, I think. "We are not alone, we live in God's world." I call it to mind often, especially when I am feeling drained and need to be uplifted.

Hope you both enjoy your week!

Trudi O'Connell:

Can anyone tell me the names of the mother and daughter who made the quilt? I know they are from Westville, NS and would like to contact them. I got to see it at the Pictou exhibition in September and was blown away with the detail! I didn't realize the Maritime Conference had such a thing. It is a wonderful idea.


Hi Trudi, I understand that it was designed by Susan Manley, with the panels appliqued by Bea Tilsey, and quilted by Barb MacIntyre. Janice MacLean (Conference Minister for Christian Nurture and Enrichment) may have their contact information. Janice's contact info is here: http://www.marconf.ca/profile-jm.htm

I too was quite blown away by this magnificent quilt!

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