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No Gratitude Friday entry this week

Just a note to say I won't be able to post an entry this Friday because I'll be out of town...

I'm involved with Intermediates at Conference again this year and we're leaving in the morning to head up to Sackville NB. I don't have to be there until 5pm, and it's only a couple hours' drive straight through on the highway, but we are planning to take the scenic route and make a day of it. Val, me, Sara, M and K are all travelling together. Sara's coming as a facilitator this year - yay!!! I am looking forward to the IAC experience again this year, but I expect by Friday, I will be grateful if I can find a few moments of peace and quiet! :)

For anyone who read my last entry, I did indeed have a marvellous weekend of sunshine and smiles! I went alone to the camper Friday after work, but was happily surprised to find Mark and Val there, so we shared supper together, although they didn't stay the night. Valerie was going to, but her back was sore because she'd spent the day building a deck in front of her mansion-on-wheels. So she thought best to sleep in her home bed. But she came back Sat morning, and she and I hung out for a few hours. We drove up to the local general store - a real old fashioned general store. Cramped, narrow aisles full of everything you could imagine...groceries, dry goods, hardware, fishing equipment, motorcyles helmets, small appliances, games, and so on. Naturally we picked up a few things for the campers (who could resist?!) Then we went to a local cafe for lunch. The place isn't fully set up for eating in, they can only serve on disposable take out dishes because the kitchen isn't finished yet. But very tasty. I had a wicked western sandwich on multigrain bread, a bowl of homemade tomato soup, herbal tea, and a chocolate brownie (huge) with scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, all for $13.50. Such a lunch would easily cost double that in Halifax.

I went home Saturday afternoon, and joined Moira and Dave in progress of a Lord of the Rings marathon...yup, all three movies, nine+ hours! Gotta love it (although I did have to get up and move around a few times!)

Mark, Val, Dave and I had a little parental getaway overnight Sunday. We arrived late afternoon, watched the other campers whooping it up and playing their first long weekend of the season ring toss tournament. We didn't partake in those festivities...for one thing, we're not really into washer toss, for another, none of us was up for the heavy drinking that accompanied said washer toss playing! But they were finished by 8pm or thereabouts, so we were able to relax in relative quiet around the bonfire. Dave left Monday morning, still feeling super tired from the dragging cold or flu he's had the past 2-3 weeks. Val popped home to pick up M and K and bring them out for the day. We played a couple games of 45's (card game), sat around reading, nothing earth shattering - good times!

By the way...somewhere along the way, in one of our many conversations, I seem to have agreed to lead the service in my church on one of the Sundays of Valerie's vacation this summer. Eek. I'd already agreed to do a reflection in November, and somehow that has now morphed into doing one in July as well. I couldn't really say no, since is good practice for when I am myself a minister (barring some bizarre twist of fate that takes me in another direction, of course.) But I must confess, I am more than a little alarmed by the idea of preaching in front of my own church family. Feels like it would be easier to try this out in front of strangers. I pray I will be able to come up with something meaningful to say, as my mind whispers who am I to be preaching to anyone? Shouldn't I study a bit first, so I have at least a tiny clue as to what I'm talking about?? I think this could be one of those times when the line between genius and total idiocy becomes very, very blurry indeed! Scary...but exciting. Hopefully my church family will be kind and not too critical of my first attempts!

And now...off to bed, morning will be here before I know it. Have a great week/weekend and I'll be back soon!

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I'm so glad you had some relax and fun times over this past weekend. And I think it is cool that you'll be leading service this summer. You always have the right words to say that are both meaningful and uplifting.

Safe travels to your conference. Have a great weekend.


Thanks for the vote of confidence, Kathy. As I get used to the idea, I'm now starting to look forward to the experience of leading worship!

Hope you had a great weekend too :)

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