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Who needs TV with a view like this?

I had the most marvellous moment of grace on the drive home from church last night...I pulled over by Grand Lake to commune with God, the night sky, the fading remnants of sunset stretched like a rainbow across the horizon, and the peaceful sounds of water lapping the edges of the lake. Alas, I did not have my camera with me, because the scene was one of indescribable beauty. But I have photos to share from other evenings...

As I've said before, the view of the sky from my back deck is absolutely amazing. I am so blessed to witness the most stunning sunsets. Sometimes the light gently fades, the cloudless blue sky deepens, deepens into an unfathomable and luminous expanse, and my soul feels connected with God and all the mysteries of the universe. Other evenings the clouds swirl and gather across the horizon, the sky is ablaze with brilliant shades of orange and red, and my heart skips a beat of wonder and awe. Always my spirit is lifted...

Last night the colours ranged from a most delicate mauve to a deep, glowing orange. Here's a sample of the display...

June 14, 8:44pm:

June 14, 8:46pm:

June 14, 8:52pm:

June 14, 8:59pm:

And a few more photos of my beautiful sky taken a few evenings ago. The Shubenacadie River runs through my community (just across the road from my house) and I'm sure the river valley has its own little weather system! I find it fascinating how fast the sky can change colour and texture and light. It really is a most wondrous thing to behold. Thank you God for sunsets!!

June 8, 9:05pm:

June 9, 8:13pm:

June 9, 8:52pm:

June 9, 8:54pm, ever so slightly north from the last shot:

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I love sunsets and these are all so beautiful. How lucky for you to have such a wonderful and inspiring view right in your backyard.

Thank you so much for sharing. Have a great day today.


thanks Kathy, glad you enjoyed my photos :)

My spirit is so uplifted witnessing these glorious sunsets, I don't know what I will do if I ever have to live somewhere without an unobstructed view of the sky!

These are gorgeous sunsets. I like the clouds and the way they radiate on the last picture. We are fortunate to live north with our long days and gorgeous twilights. Thanks for sharing these special times and thoughts.


thanks Marta, I see the most interesting cloud formations from my house, presumably due to the way the wind moves along the river valley. Twilight is especially wonderful this time of year when it's warm enough to be outside, but the mosquitoes haven't yet descended in droves! :)

Gorgeous shots! My favourite is the June 8th one. I love how sunsets change so quickly as the light ebbs . . .


Jerry, thanks! I agree the June 8 image is amazing. The sky looked like it was on fire that evening!

Wow! Gorgeous. Love them all but my favorite is June 14, 8:59pm.


thanks girasoli, that orange glow is gorgeous! Doesn't show so much in the photo, but there was a rainbow of orange shades arching over the sun.

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