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What a fabulous time I had last night, catching up with some long time friends I hadn't seen in years. A couple and their son were down from BC, staying at a mutual friend's house (where the gathering was held). The small crowd was a mix of people I already knew and some I didn't (there was even one guy there I hadn't seen since high school.) Justin's house is quite unusual and really cool...the lower floor is unfinished, sort of a garage for his scooters, up a small spiral staircase to the middle floor, where there is a kitchen, bathroom, couple bedrooms, and a small deck off the kitchen. Up another flight of (pink) stairs to the top level, which is a living space, with two big glass doors, that slide up like garage doors, to small terraces on either end. In true Nova Scotia fashion, we gathered in the kitchen (where else?!)

We talked and laughed and had a few drinks...we reminisced and shared stories and found new common interests. Of course Italy was one of them! Chrissy visited for the first time last March, chaperoning a school trip. Another friend, Angela, had spent a couple weeks on the Amalfi Coast a couple years ago, and Justin had spent time in and around Torino when the Olympics were held there (he's a camera man for CBC, so was there for work...although stayed a bit after the games to do some sightseeing.)

As we talked about who was free and when over the next couple weeks before our friends return to BC, I found myself getting swept up in the enthusiasm to go see a band called The Hopping Penguins, playing at the Shore Club in Hubbards (NS) next Saturday night. A girls' night out of drinking and dancing...something I haven't done in...well seems like forever so hopefully I will be up for it! I had heard the name but didn't really know anything much about them, or what their music style is. But, thanks to Google and Youtube, I just learned that they are local, formed in Halifax, seem to have a small but dedicated following, and have toured across Canada...and that their music is a ska-reggae-zydeco kind of mix. Now I like all kinds of music, and have to say after giving them a listen, they sound pretty good to me. Here's a sample:

We left the party around 10:30, since Moira was champing at the bit to get to Kaleigh's house...although Moira said she had a WAY better time than she expected, and I think would have been ok to stay longer, had she not had other plans. But Kal had been away for close to two weeks and the two of them were in BFF withdrawal. Ok, I admit my inner child was in a similar state, since Valerie had also been away! :) The travellers hadn't actually gotten home by the time we arrived, so we went in, had a cup of tea and chatted with Mark. I told him how awesome my Sunday service was, and he grabbed me up in a hug of congratulations and shared excitement, then said oh you're hooked, that rush from preaching never goes away! About half an hour later, Kal came bursting through the door, and she and Moi squealed with delight to see each other again (ear-splittingly loud squeals, I might add!) A few seconds went by and no Valerie...oh wait, she probably needs help carrying stuff in from the car...so out we went. I zoomed over to give her a great big welcome home hug, then we all grabbed a bag out of the trunk and hauled it into the house. Dave and I didn't stay very long, it was midnight after all, and Val had just come from a loooooong drive home from central Newfoundland (complete with ferry delays, as if the journey isn't long enough to begin with.) So we'll do our catching up another day...but it was good to see her again.

Today brings a family BBQ at my sister's house. My dad & his wife Maggie, and Hermione and Barnes (the two youngest of my half siblings) are over from the UK, plus Alec & Louise (oldest of my half brothers and his girlfriend) are here from Michigan (Alec is a physic prof at U of M.) Our other brother, Henry, arrives next Wednesday. This will be - to my recollection - only the second time ever that all of us siblings have been together at once. So I am excited!! Will fill you in later on the BBQ and other family fun! We're hoping to all spend a night at the campground at some point, which should be a blast.

Enjoy your weekend - a long one for many of us in Canada - whoot!! :)

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, sounds like a good time with old and new friends. Love the video. You're definitely going to have to post an entry after this girls night out to see this great band. :)

Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing.


Thanks Kathy, glad you liked the video! They certainly are different from the average bar band, aren't they? I think it will be an excellent night out, am looking forward to it. Am off to the BBQ now, woohoo!

Ohhh...I remember seeing pics of those good-looking brothers from the UK!

Sounds like a lot of fun. Here in NC, people always congregate in the kitchen too; it's funny the way that happens.

Have a great long weekend!

Sounds like such a wonderful blast! Hope your girls night out is even more exciting, It is always great to expand my musical appetite too,

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