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Gratitude Fridays...Deer

I am grateful to share a corner of the world with deer. They are very common in Nova Scotia, but I still get a thrill whenever I see them, on the side of the road, or a field across the way, or especially in my very own backyard. They are such lovely and peaceful creatures, with their big liquid eyes and aura of stillness.



their steps are liquid
through air, delicate
as Spring's first flowers

their shy gaze darts
here and there, a quick
knowing deeper
than sight

in a loose
weave they travel, giving space
to trees and sky

like you the valley
grows gentle around them

~ Elizabeth Reninger

Comments (4)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, oh what a wonderful photo and how cool to see a deer right in your back yard. You describe them so beautifully. I love the poem too. Thanks so much for sharing.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Kathy, we actually have a family of deer that hangs around the marsh and woods behind our place. Often there are three of them in the yard - I never tire of seeing them around!

Happy weekend to you too :)

Oh such a great post and an empathetic photo. Unfortunately, here in Boston, the deer we see are displaced and generally in harm's (cars) way. They do seem like such graceful creatures tho.


menehune, we see them on the roads here too. In fact, a friend's daughter collided with one recently. The deer ran off into the woods though, so presumably was ok, and no one was hurt in the car either, thank goodness. Car now has a dent in the hood though!

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