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Gratitude Friday...Wonder

Prayer of Wonder

To witness an ebony quilt of sky
stitched by beaming stars;
And awaken to ancient cedar's sway
dancing with the wind,
Is to glimpse God's scattering of grace.

To recognize an inner flutter and pulse
as new life's movements in the womb;
Or hear a tone so sweetly sung
that heaven opens within,
Is to stand at the threshold of everything holy.

To wonder at the sweep of a whale
breaching the air from concealed depths;
Or gaze at the ripples and curves formed above
by a cloud of wings on the move,
Is to be breathless with praise for the radiance of life.

from Keri Wehlander's "Circles of Grace: Worship and Prayer in the Everyday." Toronto: United Church Publishing House, 1998
(Thanks to Valerie for posting the first verse of this prayer on Facebook. It was so beautiful, I had to look for more!)

Following is a small scattering of the wonders that leave me "breathless with praise for the radiance of life"...

















Today, and always, I am eternally grateful for the beauty that surrounds and delights me, and for the relationships that sustain and uplift me as I journey through life.

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer verse. And I love all of your photos. Is that your daughter when she was young, in the last photo? She's so adorable.

A gratitude post so beautifully written. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend!

Hi Anne, both the poem and the images are wonderful! I love the idea of standing at the threshold of everything holy. Thanks for the inspiration and reminder to be grateful. :)

Happy weekend!

Beautiful, Anne! Both the photos and the sentiment.

"Is to be breathless with praise for the radiance of life"

How totally beautiful and meaningful is that phrase. Such a lovely poem with sentiments to share - mahalo/grazie, m


Kathy, the photo is Sara at age 6, holding (hours old) newborn Moira. She was such a proud big sister!!

Annie, intentional gratitude is one of the ways that leads me to that threshold...and it really IS an awesome place to stand!

Thanks Nancy! :)

menehune, that phrase captivates me. Love that it can mean breathless in the sense of the radiance taking our breath away, or breathless in the sense of being out of breath from actively and energetically singing our praises!

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