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Old friends...the watercolour

Way back when...my Sara had given me the promise of a watercolour painting for my birthday. All I needed to do was tell her what I wanted her to paint for me. Seems simple enough, except I couldn't think of just the right subject for a long time! But then one day I found the perfect scene. I posted the following entry in June called Old friends :


I sent Sara the above photo and said this is the one!! But then I got thinking about the last time I had been reminded of that S&G song. It was during our daytrip to Twillingate last year when we were in Newfoundland with Valerie and her family:


So I asked Sara if she would paint the scene with the draping trees in the Public Gardens, but instead of two men, could she paint me and Valerie sitting on the bench. And so she did, adding her own little touches, like painting us both in our purple jeans (why yes...yes, we do have matching purple jeans...apparently all the other matching things I wrote about here weren't enough! lol)


Isn't it a beautiful work of art? I just love it. How blessed I am to have such a generous and talented daughter to create such amazing gifts for me. ♥

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Barb Cabot:

It's such a lovely painting and made even more special with all the history behind the idea. You are so blessed..thank you for sharing these blessings.


Barb, I am indeed blessed, my friend! The song in my heart these days is one that begins: "Let us sing with joy and thanksgiving". In the midst of all my blessings, I am filled with both!

It is a beautiful watercolor, for sure. Even more importantly is the thoughtfulness and personal remembrance it holds for you. You are blest!


Amen, menehune! :)

It is a beautiful work of art. So simple but yet it says so much. You are so fortunate.


Marta, I love the *secret* language of this painting! :)

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