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The Sound of Sunshine

"And that's the sound of sunshine
Coming down..."

"They say that miracles are never ceasing
and every little soul needs a little releasing"

"And that's the sound of sunshine
Coming down...
And that's the sound of sunshine
Coming down..."

What a great message to hold in our hearts on International Day of Peace.

A reflection from the United Church of Canada website:

"Let us then pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding. Do not…do anything that makes your brother or sister stumble." Romans 14:19, 21

This Tuesday is the United Nations’ International Day of Peace—a day when people around the world celebrate and support local, national, and international efforts to end conflict and promote peace. When we think about people who are part of these efforts, we come up with the “big names”—the Nobel Peace Prize–winners, heads of state, treaty negotiators. It’s wonderful to celebrate their work, but we should also look closer to home.

What about the union leader and the management head who sit down before a crisis to figure out how to help each other? What about the woman who has just made her 100th Kiva loan, supporting educational and economic development in struggling communities? What about the mothers who stand together to say that the killing of all children must stop? What about the tween who overhears classmates making heterosexist jibes and says “Stop! Listen! Be!” How can we celebrate these peacemakers?

Can we push ourselves a little further—to find ways to work together and to help bring peace into the world?

God of Love, Prince of Peace, Ever-Moving Spirit, thank you for this day of celebration and challenge. Thank you for your peace-bearers, your peacemakers, your peace-lovers. Help us listen. Help us act. Help us be your peace in a world that needs it. Amen.


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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I love this post and I really love this song. I'm a fan of Michael Franti, he has such a beautiful message as do you. I had not seen this video before and I love it. I've booked marked it.

Thanks so much for the sunshine thoughts today. :)


Hey Kathy, it's my great pleasure to share my inner sunshine! One of the great blessings of community is that someone's light is always shining. I'm grateful for the times I am shining myself, and for the times when the light of others, like you, lifts me out of darkness. ♥

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