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My new blog...

I've had a kind of growing sense that my thoughts don't quite fit with the Slow Travel blog theme. Slow Travellers are obviously a diverse lot with varied interests, but the Slow Travel focus and philosphy is (duh!) travel. And, as you will have noticed, my entries are rarely travel related! At this point in my life, my journeying is of a different kind...walking my faith path. The direction I have chosen is following a call to ministry, rather than following a call to far off places. Mind you, I am utterly determined to return to la bella Italia one of these days :), but future trips will be few and far between.

So I've decided to let this particular blog lie fallow for the time being, and have created a new blog on Blogger. I do have another reason for the switch, which is that it will be easier for me to share my photos and share things like videos (must confess I find it rather tedious uploading photos on this blog and had already been thinking of switching to Blogger.)

I expect the new site will have much the same content as this one...reflections on how I try to live out my faith, music, photos, etc...as well as silly memes and quizzes and other such nerdiness that I enjoy! I hope you will come and join me over on my new blog!!!

Anne :-)

Edited to add the link to my new blog...I am now posting HERE.

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Just curious, but what makes Blogger easier/less tedious?

Change is good!

Good luck with your new blog!

I have added it to my Google Reader.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I will miss you on this blog but I am thrilled that you have a new blog so we can still continue to read your inspiring posts about your new path in life. It just wouldn't be the same without your presence.

Thank you so much for letting us know about your switch. I am very much looking forward to reading your new blog.


Nancy, I've heard of google reader, although haven't figured out how to use it myself yet. I really should do so one of these days!

Thanks Kathy, your kind comments warm my heart! :) It is wonderful to be part of this blogging community, I too look forward to continued sharing.

Annie, I find it much easier to upload photos with Blogger. I use Picasa for my photos, which is a Google product like Blogger, so I can publish multiple photos almost with the push of a button. And there are easy options for composing entries (fonts, colours, alignment, etc.), although I haven't played with that stuff yet! Plus with Blogger I can easily make changes to my template design and settings, plus easy to add gadgets (widgets) etc. And I can have one of those blog feeds that shows latest entries, so I know when my blog friends post!

Thanks for the info. I've wondered if the version of MT that our blogs use is outdated since it does seem to be kind of cumbersome.

Off to check out the new blog now!

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