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Saturday Photohunt: Vast

I have many photos of vast scenic vistas...but I decided to go in a different direction for this week. Here is Paolo Veronese's The Wedding Feast at Cana. From the Louvre's website:

"In 1553, Veronese was summoned to Venice where he gave free rein to his decorative talent in vast canvases that blended masterful composition, splendid contemporary costumes, and luminous colors. The Wedding Feast at Cana graced the refectory designed by Palladio for the Benedictine monastery on the Venetian island of San Giorgio Maggiore. With masterly freedom of interpretation, Veronese transposed the biblical episode to the sumptuous setting of a Venetian wedding."

It was completed in 1563, and at 6.77 x 9.94 metres (22.2 x 32.6 ft), it is one of the largest paintings in the Louvre's vast collection and hangs directly opposite the Mona Lisa.

No clue who the dude sitting on the railing is, but he gives some perspective to the painting's vast size, so I snapped a shot with him in it....

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Wow! Must be amazing in person :)

Wonderful shot for the theme. I think the person seated below the painting give a great scale to show how vast it is. Happy weekend!


Great choice!

I remember seeing that painting on my visit to the Louvre -- one of many paintings in that museum which I actually like/love more than the Mona Lisa (which, BTW, it dwarfs size-wise!)! :b

Comparing the size of the painting to the guy sitting on the railing, it is HUGE.


I was mesmerized by this painting. Turned out to be one of my favourites in the Louvre.

Great photo, how perfect to get the guy there to show how vast this painting really is.

Whenever I read about all the art that Napoleon took from Venice after he conquered it, this painting is always at the top of the list in terms of value.

Have a great weekend!

Definitely vast! Also quite lovely. The guy sitting there such gives this painting some scale!

Ours is here:


i love how you had included the guy sitting in that corner. it gave the audience a vast perspective.

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