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A little snow isn't going to stop us...

We had a snowstorm overnight Saturday into Sunday...it let off a bit early Sunday morning, but was forecasted to swell to blizzard conditions again in the afternoon. I waited and waited for a call from my church to let me know they were cancelling the service, like every other congregation in the area. In my denomination, the decision to cancel isn't made by the minister or worship leader, it's made by the "session" or council of the church...so I don't make the call, I just await the decision. I figured for sure I'd get a call, since the congregation had cancelled two different Sundays in December due to bad weather. It's a small group, mostly older, and I figured they wouldn't want to be out in the storm. I've told them a couple times not to factor me into their decision to cancel. I always had to brave the weather when I worked in government and the private sector, I figure why should it be any different in ministry?!

However, my phone didn't ring by the time I needed to leave...so I headed off to church, roughly a 15-20 minute drive from my friend Valerie's house in normal driving conditions. (It's about an hour's drive from my own house, but I stay at Val's place every Saturday night, just so I don't have a long drive before church Sunday mornings.) The roads were snow covered, what we call "centre line bare", but visibility was good so the drive wasn't bad...


By the time church was over, it was a whole other story. The blizzard had kicked back into high gear. When we emerged from the church, we couldn't even see the other side of the road! One woman in particular was very concerned about me driving...she tried very hard to persuade me to come to her place for a cup of tea, and wait out the storm. She lives very close to the church. I was deeply appreciative of her concern and her offer, but I didn't know how long the storm would last, and I really just wanted to get some place where I could settle in. So I thanked her, but carried on my way back to Valerie's house, knowing I could just stay another night if things didn't clear up.

It took me twice as long to get back to her place as it took to get to the church from there a couple hours earlier...there was a hint of centre line in places, but it was a pretty nasty drive, between the white out conditions and the snow drifts across the road in places!


All in a day's work! lol :) And the storm subsided by evening, just in time for a sleigh ride! Perfect conditions actually, clear skies and lots of fresh fallen snow...followed by hot chocolate. Good times!

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Glad you made it ok! Looks similar to the storm we drove through trying to get to Denver for my flight home recently!

I understand your envy for the warm weather.

I on the other hand would love to be on a sleigh ride right now :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, wow what a huge change in road and driving condition. I'm glad that you made it back safely. Hot chocolate and a sleigh ride sounds like a nice way to settle back in after driving in that storm.

Take care.

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