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A Master of Divinity

I missed last week's photohunt in the whirlwind of Convocation activities. After three years of intense study...I now have my Master of Divinity degree!!! Woohoooooo!!!! I also received a couple of prizes, which was an unexpected honour. One was for achieving 1st Standing Overall in Old Testament studies, and the other was the Leadership Prize awarded by faculty for significant contributions to the life of our school community. My family is very proud of me! (To be honest, I'm quite proud of me too!)

Next leg of my journey is an 8 month full time internship. There are different scenarios for internship. Many students do their internship in a church where there is already a full time minister in order to benefit from on-site supervision and guidance. However, I've been approved for off-site supervision...which means, from Sept/14 - April/15 I will be "the" minister in the church to which I've been appointed. I'll meet with my supervisor once a week to reflect on my experiences and do some planning, and that person will also be a resource for me, since he's a very experienced minister (he serves the church in a neighbouring town.) Pending successful completion of my internship, and passing my final ordination interview next spring...I hope to be ordained into the United Church of Canada on May 31, 2015 (yes, I already have the date marked in my calendar! lol Ordination happens at our region's annual conference and those dates are set loooong in advance.)

Here are some pics from my Convocation...

Here I am having my degree conferred on me by our President. Or, to put it accurately, here I am being "admitted to the degree of Master of Divinity with all the rights and privileges thereto appertaining.":

Giving a joyful hug to my Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament as she hands me my degree document: To the left is one of our Pastoral Theology professors, who hooded me (with a masters degree comes the right to wear a particular academic 'hood').

Me and my awesome family. L-R: Jake (married to Sara), Moira, me, Sara, Dave...it is a testament to Dave's love that he endured having his photo taken, something he usually avoids like the plague! Without these amazing people, I would not have survived going back to school.

Me and my dear friend Valerie. She graduated from the same theology school and was ordained 24 years ago. (I'm a year older than her, by the way...it just took me longer to hear God's call to ministry!)

I'm one happy graduate!

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judy roberts:

Anne - congratulations, and bouquets to you! You have followed your passion, worked hard, and now, you are the proud possessor of an MDiv!

Blessings to you! May you enjoy every minute of your internship.



Thanks Judy!! A member of the church where I'm going for internship called me this week to find out what I will need to get settled in, and to let me they are really looking forward to my being there. I thought that was so welcoming! I can't wait to meet everyone. Hopefully they'll be patient with me as I learn their names, though. The congregation is 300+ members, with about 75 in attendance on Sundays, so I shall have my memory work cut out for me!

I'm so happy for you!! Congratulations! Will the church where you do your internship be far from you home?


Happily no, it's only a couple hours' drive away! So Dave and/or the girls will easily be able to come up on weekends, plus I can pop home on my own days off. And I should have lots of room for family to visit because the manse is a 4brdm, 2 story house with a wraparound veranda and a turret - I'm super pumped to move in! lol

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