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Saturday Photohunt: Candle

My entry for this week's theme: candles in the lovely Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Ventimigla, Italy.


We visited Ventimiglia one fine day in early May, as a day trip from Nice. I've read several reviews dismiss Ventimiglia as "nothing to see, move along", but my mother and I found it utterly charming. It was kind of gritty...peeling paint, crumbling pavement, overgrown patches of grass...not in a totally unkempt way, just that slight neglect that comes of people living their lives and not fancying things up for the tourist crowd. We arrived at lunch time, so walked across the bridge to the old town and had a very tasty pizza, then we explored the town, including the cathedral, baptistry and crypt...eventually making our way down to the pebbly beach, where we sunbathed and splashed in the sea, and then finished off with gelato in the park, watching the old men play bocce. A really wonderful day!

Light your day with more candles on Sandi's Saturday Photohunt blog!!

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Beautiful picture and your visit sounds wonderful!!

I bet when the candle is lite it gives an interesting shadow against the stairs.

Coffee is on


It sounds like just the perfect day.

We haven't stopped in Ventimiglia, but it sounds like a nice, quiet sort of place.

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