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Fine Dining

I wrote some restaurant reviews for Slow Travel but wanted to share a few stories about some memorable meals.

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from our Slow Trav get-together on the last night of my trip. My memory card had filled up at 4 pm that afternoon (telling me, yes it’s time for you to go home!). That night, I met Cubbies and her husband at La Bitta, and we had such a nice time. They had just arrived in Venice that day, and I was grateful that they were willing to fight their jet lag and meet me for dinner. It was a fun way to end my trip.

I do have photos of some other memorable dining companions, though. One afternoon I was wandering around Dorsoduro when I saw a cat outside a shop, eating tuna off a piece of paper. I get excited every time I see a cat in Venice because they have become so rare. I spoke to him and took a couple of photos, but he pretty much ignored me so I moved on.

Hours later that night, I was having dinner in the back room of Enoteca Osteria San Barnaba and that very same cat walked in! I asked the owner if it was his cat and he said no. He told me that the cat’s name is Mustafa and that he’s just a neighborhood cat who makes the rounds.

Well, Mustafa is a very smart cat because that is an excellent restaurant. It wasn’t long before he made his way to my table and I shared my polpettine with him. Here he is, under the table, waiting for another bite.


And then when we finished dinner, he got in the chair to take a snooze. I was honored to have his company.


BarAngioThis little guy joined me for lunch one afternoon at Bar Angio on the Riva dei Schiavoni. It was one of those glorious winter days when it was sunny and warm enough to eat outside.

He was very well-mannered and didn’t swarm me like those crazy pigeons do; he just hung out and waited patiently for my tramezzini crumbs.

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Oh I enjoyed reading that. It makes me feel like posting more of my Venice photos. I think I'll do a San Marco layout. :)

Thanks Leslie! I'd love to see more of your photos -I love your Torcello cats and all the amazing things you are doing with digital scrap-booking (something I didn't even know existed until I read your blog).


Reminds me of the cat that joined us for lunch in Castel Nuove Del Abate one afternoon; I was feeding him liver sausage under the table - coolest blue eyes.

When we were in Israel there were cats all over the place too. Chris dubbed cats, "the squirrels of Israel." The girls loved feeding them fish though next to Lake Kinneret (sp) (aka Sea of Galilee - sp)

The squrrels of Israel?! That's too funny! I didn't know there were cats there too.

I saw more cats in Venice in December than ever before. I love how Europeans are so relaxed about letting animals come into public places.

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