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Basilica facade

San Marco

It's challenging to photograph Basilica di San Marco - when you get far enough away to get the whole thing in the photo, you can't see the incredible array of colors on the facade. To do it justice, I'd have to take about 10,000 photos like the one above and piece them together somehow.

Sometimes I prefer a church's interior to its exterior or vice versa, but I love the Basilica inside and out. I don't mind standing in a long line to get inside because there are so many beautiful things like this on the facade. I've probably been in this church 40 times so far and I'm still seeing things for the first time.

I met a very sweet Italian couple from Turin who had been coming to Venice on holiday every year for close to 50 years. They are church fanatics too, and they told me that the first place they go everytime is to the Salute to light a candle and give thanks for being in Venice again. I love that tradition and decided to do it too, but I go to the chapel of the Madonna Nicopeia in San Marco instead.

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Annie, I just love your blog because of the great church photos you post. You have a great eye for detail.
I know your passion lies in Venice, but someday you must come visit me in St. Louis so I can take you the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. It is decorated with the worlds largest collection of mosaic art.

Alessandro loved the Salute and it's always been one of my favorites. :)

Yes, every day is love your pet day - even this morning when I am off work for the dentist, and two of mine played thundering herd of elephants on me at 5.20 this morning. I could have slept in!

It was a blog prompt from the Digital Scrapbook Place bloggers. They are doing blog prompts every day. Some of them are really great but as I do not do a diary or journal entry (I prefer to put up a picture and write a caption), then I haven't been able to use many of thier prompts.


Deborah, thank you so much for that link - that church is gorgeous (I had no idea there was a church like that in St. Louis!).


I love San Marco. Your blog is really special.

Another wonderful post. I feel that I haven't spent enough time in San Marco. Must go back! And I love the candle lighting ritual.

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