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Fantasy Art Game

A recent Daily Telegraph article listed the writer’s choices for the 30 Best Things in Italy. Three of them are in Venice, and two of those three are church-related: Santa Maria dei Miracoli (the church as a whole) and the Bellini altarpiece in the Frari. The third thing is “Venice at midnight.” All great things, for sure, though I’d have a tough time narrowing my Best of Venice list down to only three.

The writer also offers an interesting fantasy game:

“It's an idle game, but one I'm often tempted to play in Italian churches: if you could walk off with one painting, which would it be? It's a tough one, especially in Venice, where you're not exactly short of options.”

Hmm. This IS a tough one. There are a few paintings that I really love but I’d feel horribly guilty about taking, just because they belong in Venice and nowhere else. The Madonna Nicopeia in Basilica di San Marco; Titian’s Assunta in the Frari; any of the Bellini altarpieces…as much as I love these, I’d have to leave them where they are.

I’d probably choose Vincenzo Catena’s Vision of Santa Christina in Santa Maria Mater Domini. Or perhaps Carpaccio’s St. George and the Dragon in San Giorgio Maggiore (since there’s another one of the same subject in San Giorgio degli Schiavoni).

Or Titian’s Annunciation in San Salvador. Or the Negroponte Madonna and Child Enthroned in San Francesco della Vigna. It’s a hard choice!

Anyone else want to play? You don’t have to limit yourself to Venice. What painting in any Italian church would you bring home?

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hmmm! I'll play. Since this is a fantasy, if I was going to be naughty I'd probably take anything by Bellini or Titian. Maybe, the Madonna & Child in Santa Maria dei Frari? On second thought, I think I'll leave it there, just so I can return to Venice again and again just to see it!:) That was fun Annie!


Ooo, I want to play!
I'll take Ghirlandaio for 100, please Alex. (Jeopardy anyone?!)
Answer: This 1485 tempura panel hangs in la Cappella Sassetti in Santa Trinita, Florence.
Question: What is Domenico Ghirlandaio's Adoration of the Shepherds?
I absolutely adore this painting!!

Great choices! Kathy, I love that Bellini Madonna and Child so much.

Anne, I've never seen yours in person, only in books, but it's gorgeous.

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