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Green door in Castello


One of my favorite photos from my trip. I love the fact that they’ve got the horseshoe hanging correctly (facing up, so the luck won’t spill out) and those handprints and that strange little face on the left.

In a writing class that I took in college, we sometimes used “story starters” where the professor would give us a photo or painting and we'd write a story about it. This would be perfect for that. Whose door is it? What’s behind that door? Who decorated it? What would happen if you went inside?

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I think definitely someone quirky lives behind that door!

Love it - Castello is my favorite area in Venice. I always stay there now.

This is a great photo. One of the nicest things about Venice is the things you see when you explore beyond the typical tourist areas.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Great entry! It would be interesting to see who lived there! Were you tempted to hang around and find out Annie?

A little bit, but of course I had miles to walk and churches to find so I had to move on! The thing about Venice is that the odds of ever finding this place again are virtually zilch. :)

The handprints remind me of the ones that American Natives left on their horses?

Angie, I hadn't thought of that but I know what you mean. And that would connect to the horseshoe maybe?

Great photo! I wonder what the horseshoe signifies?

Girasoli, hanging a horseshoe is supposed to be a good luck charm. It's one of those things I learned as a kid but can't remember where, along with finding a four-leaf clover or a penny. But of course, that's in North Carolina - it might mean something else in Italy!

Wow that is a beautiful photo. Your blog is really nice!


Wow, lovely photo!

Chiocciola and Leon,

Thank you!

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