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More from the folk art show


This nice pink animal was made by Clyde Jones, one of North Carolina’s most well-known folk artists. He calls his sculptures “critters,” and his home, Critter Crossing, is listed on Roadside America: Guide to Off-Beat Tourist Attractions. You can see his critters all over this area, in restaurants and in other people’s yards. I like his work a lot.

A few years ago, Clyde had a show at the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh, and there were about 50 of his critters in the woods behind the museum. I took my nephew (who was about 3 years old at the time) and we had a blast – it was completely magical to hike through the woods and see all these crazy colorful animals spread out over several acres of forest.

Clyde is a character and is known for being quirky about selling his art. Sometimes he will, mostly he won’t, and sometimes he just gives it away, especially to children. The most famous story is when he refused to sell a piece to Mikhail Baryshnikov who was in the area for a performance and went out to Clyde’s house to see the art. Clyde does lots of presentations in local schools and at the art show last weekend, he was in his booth surrounded by a bunch of happy kids. More photos below.



This is Clyde Jones.


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Folk art is neat. I was able to buy some of this guy's stuff (http://www.lighthouse.ca/colpit.html) when we were in Nova Scotia a few years back. It is such a treat to look at - fun and whimiscal.


I love that big giraffe.

I wonder why he wouldn't do business with Baryshnikov. Must feel odd to a celeb to have someone refuse to sell them something!

Jerry, thanks for the link - I love that guy's stuff! What did you get from him?

Anne, I read an interview a while back and someone asked Clyde why he wouldn't sell a critter to Baryshnikov, and Clyde said something like "I didn't think he really needed one." Who knows?! I think it's funny.


I'm in love with the giraffe! It kinda looks like a cross between a giraffe and a weiner dog.


So first I clicked on your link. Clyde sounds like a wonderful person!

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