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Only 20 Percent?

The February issue of The Costco Connection has a short article by "travel guru" Rick Steves that’s all about "how travel can help bring the world together." He sounds like a Slow Traveler when he advises people to engage in "thoughtful travel" where you become a "temporary local."

But there's one part that really surprises me - he says that 80 percent of Americans don't even have a passport. I never would have guessed that the number was that high. Hard to believe that there are so few of us traveling outside the USA.

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Given how difficult it is to obtain one I don't doubt it! *smile*

Funny! You might have something there, Jerry. I hadn't even thought about that- I was one of the lucky ones who got my passport back in the "good ole days" when it was quick and easy.

I remember being surprised when I heard this statistic myself, but not long ago it was even lower. I think one reason it is going up is that Americans now need a passport to go to Mexico.

The last time I was in the Houston Airport trying to get my passport scanned in the automatic check-in machine, the Continental person was all annoyed with me because all I had was a passport with me. She couldn't understand why I didn't have my driver's license. Now I always thought a passport trumped a license!


I have to use my passport to get my driver's license renewed. We have this cryptic 6-point system (different documents worth different points) and the easiest thing to have is your passport.

Also, since last year's fiasco with passports, the turn-around time has improved dramatically.

I never would have thought it would be difficult

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