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Shrine with red wall

inside oratorio

In honor of Day One of the Great SlowTravel Blogging Challenge and today's theme (red), I'm posting this photo of a shrine. I have no idea where this one is in Venice - this photo somehow got separated from the ones around it that would give me a clue about where I was that day.

Most Venetian red has some orange in it, closer to terracotta. I think of the bricks and the tile roofs and the many, many churches with red and white marble floors. There are the rich rusty reds of Carpaccio, but also the jeweltone burgundies of Bellini. And of course, there's this dress, maybe the most beautiful red of all.

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Wonderful photo!

Love the picture! Love all your Venetian church pictures actually. :)

Hey Annie - you know how you said your Aunt Mildred bred poodles - well, so did my mom!

Crikey this is taking me back - it's a real 'blast from the past!'

Three types of poodles I know about are miniatures, toys, which I think ours were, and the big standards.

I remember mom using clippers and doing their haircuts - they all have names too, Dutch cut was one...

I love venitian red. There is a pigment in painting called sangue di drago that is real close in color but a little mre purple.

Beautiful photo! I haven't really read your blog until now but I am really enjoying it. You really know a lot about the churches of Venice!

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