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Spring on the way


I took this at a garden shop this past weekend. The mushrooms are glass but the daffodils are real. And now we have possible snow flurries in the forecast and it's going to be in the low 20's tonight. No matter, spring will be here soon.

I love visiting garden shops even though I don't garden as much as I used to. My current yard is mainly shade which isn't that inspiring for gardening. Plus I planted a bunch of stuff when I first moved here, and the deer came and ate almost everything. A few perennials have survived - some bearded iris, shasta daisies, an heirloom rose bush, daffodils - but they ate the rest. I've even had deer come on my porch and eat plants out of pots! They're virtually tame and don't even run when I come out to chase them off - they just slowly mosey off to go eat someone else's plants. Some neighbors built a very elaborate fence and one day when I was out walking, I saw a deer jump that fence and start eating the birdseed out of their feeder. I guess they are very hungry.

I do have one sunny spot inside a deer-proof fence that's for tomatoes, herbs, peppers, and zinnias. Maybe some sunflowers too. But it's about 6 weeks or so before it'll be safe to plant any of that.

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The deer ate all my yellow tomatoes last year, not the red ones though very strange. Oh and they decimated our landscaping many years ago, during a really bad winter. Which is why I switched to daffodils from tulips; deer don't like daffodils.

Hmmm - it is supposed to be - 29 degrees here this evening. sigh


The mushrooms remind me of my Lorenzen pottery mushroom. The Lorenzen made such botanically accurate specimens that several museums have collections of their work. Check out some of their 'shrooms here:

Are there any glass smurfs among the mushrooms?

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Cool photo. That person was very creative with their garden! And about the deers, where you live seems so different from where I live. All we have here are wild squirrels and skunks. Yikes!

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