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A month of blogging - we did it!

Well, the February Blog Challenge has been a lot more fun than I thought it would be, and I loved seeing all those red dates on my February calendar! But what really made it fun was doing it together with all the other Slow Trav bloggers. I’ve truly enjoyed reading everyone’s blogs, and it’s been so much fun to click from blog to blog every day and see what this interesting and diverse group of folks has to say. Here’s a recap:

Things I’ve learned: how to wash dishes correctly and that the best way to clean kids is to hose them off, from Chiocciola! I’d never heard of digital scrapbooking before Leslie’s blog – I’ve enjoyed seeing her beautiful work. I didn’t know what a meme was and I’d never met Flat Stan. I now have a crush on him too (thanks Jill!). I never knew that wearing your pajamas inside out and backwards would make it snow (thanks Kim!).

Places I’d like to go: St. Louis, thanks to Deborah (I really want to see the mosaics in that cathedral!); Norway, thanks to Chiocciola (the more I read her blog, the more I think that Norwegians are just very wise and sane people); Santa Barbara (I’d love to see the rat on a cat on a dog, thanks to Krista); Rome (reading Sandra’s blog has me thinking about returning there); Nova Scotia (to see the folk art, thanks to Jerry and Anne).

I’ve enjoyed the vicarious trip planning with Sandra, Girasoli, Deborah, Leslie, and Jerry and can’t wait to read about your trips.

Other things I’d like to do: learn to tango, thanks to Angie. I want to start keeping a book list like Jill and learn how to take photographs like Marta. I’m going to restart my bird list and add dates like Kim does. I want to do the James Lipton meme. I need to make a better and more specific plan for what I’m going to do when I win the lottery.

Food for thought: One of the most thought-provoking entries was Kim’s essay about Valentine’s Day. I’d never made the connections between food, love, candy, weight, and our cultural craziness connected to all of the above. I’m still thinking about that one. And I loved reading about Anne’s church, her thoughts on faith, and her female (!) minister Valerie.

Living the Good Life: I think that Palma and Jerry should start a magazine - I would definitely subscribe to it! I’ve got several recipes in my “want to try” folder: Palma’s scallops with lime, Jerry’s steak with blue cheese crust, and Krista’s coffee bean cookies. Actually, Krista and Marta could do the gardening section of that magazine.

Beautiful things I saw for the first time this month: Angie’s paintings, that gorgeous bark from the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree (thanks Girasoli); Anne’s grandmother’s paintings, Marta’s photographs (all of them!), Krista’s Valentine to Venice.

Thanks to everyone and especially to Angie for jump-starting us. I’m in the blogging groove now and look forward to reading more from all you guys. Happy March!

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Hi - just dropping in to say hi. :)

Hey - I think I'll share a quote with you from my digital scrapbook place newsletter I read this morning. :)

"There are so many ways you can save that memory using digital scrapbooking. Notice I said save the "memory", not "photo"? We can enhance or alter the photos, but it's the memories, stories, and emotions we want to save and share."

Isn't that cool? I must have read that quote ten times now.

Thanks Leslie! That's an awesome quote. And so true...I love my Venice photos not because they're that great but because looking at them brings the feelings back.

So you'll be in Venice in a month or so, right? I'm so happy for you!


I like your recap post...well done. And I look forward to continuing to read your blog, too!

Annie, that was a very nice roundup of our blogging month! I have enjoyed your blog so much and will continue to read it.


I'm glad you want to come visit St. Louis. Remember the free Horn B&B is always open.

Annie, I have really enjoyed reading your blog this month. That was indeed a great recap of our month of blogging!!


Annie, how beautifully you've captured the Feb blogging experience.

All that's missing is a mention of your own blog - you really brought those Venetian churches to life for the rest of us - thanks!


Annie - fabulous recap and thank you for the lovely comments. You're right, about Palma and Jerry - they could even call the magazine - The Good Life - yes and Krista and Marta the gardening, love it.

You know with Chiocciolla's blog entries about Norway, they always remind me of that MC commercial where the father and son return to Norwary - do all things Norwegian, only in the end to discover they're Swedish. :)

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