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Something about this shrine makes me think about being underwater - I guess it's that shiny blue material lining the back of the shrine. Love the wall, love the yellow flowers!

Cannaregio 920 A

Cannaregio 920 A

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So beautiful! I think it is the blue stuff on the wall that looks like coral reef!

Have you thought about making a website instead of or in addition to the blog? I think that would be really great, it could have a clickable map or some other way of organization that would be so useful to Venice travelers. The blog is AWESOME but a website might be even more user friendly.

You are right - it does look like a coral reef! Very cool, I hadn't even noticed that.

I haven't really thought about a website. Blogging is so easy (and my tech skills are virtually zilch), but maybe someday, when I retire and have more time?


And the upper right part of the wall looks like it was painted with watercolour. (Or, in my case, I should say that it resembles the effect of accidentally spilling water on the paper where I've just written something in marker...)

Anne, it does! I like to name my photos and this one has always been "underwater shrine" but I hadn't really figured out why. You guys have great eyes!

The colors are beautiful.

Regarding Chiocciola's suggestion, you could use categories. They are pretty easy to set up although it would be time consuming to go back to each post to assign a category such as the sestiere, etc. You can also assign more than one category.

Well, I do have some categories and I've been sorting the churches into sestiere categories.

But I've just been dumping the street shrines into one category...I have a general idea of where they are because I can tell which day I took the photos and I kept a journal while I was there. So I could probably sort them into sestieres too. But in terms of linking them to a map...no way. You know how crazy Venice is!

There were a few things that I really wanted to remember where they were and so right after I took the photo, I also took a photo of the nearest street sign. I could have done a lot more of that. Next trip!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

That's a beautiful shrine and a great photo! It does have that underwater appearance. Love it!

Annie, I think your blog entries and photos would also make a great book too!

Whoops, I didn't even look to see if you had categories set up. Have you always had them? Sometimes I am so oblivious.

Thanks Kathy!

LOL girasoli! I've always had them but I have been tweaking them as I've blogged more. And this morning I moved them up the side of the page because they were pretty far down there!

I've been using a few tags too but sometimes I forget. At some point I want to go back through and check for missing tags.

Aren't you a long way away from retirement? I think you should do the website and/or book way before that! :)

Do you KNOW how good your photos are?? Fantastic!

The shrine looks so good on that venetian red wall. Oh Paris is so grey, the sky is grey, the roofs are grey the people have grey faces. On those colors in italy, sigh.

Leslie, thank you!

Angie, you sound a little homesick. :(

Chioccola, you're too funny! Yes, I am kind of far from retirement (I'm 48) but I have this fantasy of making a big change in my mid-to-late 50's where I work part-time and have more time to devote to my hobbies and things I love. But with this crazy economy, who knows? You are right, though, it's not a good idea to wait on those things.

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