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Leaning Tower of San Pietro di Castello


This is one of the most beautiful campanili in Venice. The leaning tower in Pisa is more famous but Venice has more than one that's a bit wonky. In all honesty, nothing in Venice looks particularly straight but there are at least four other church towers with fairly dramatic tilts: Santo Stefano, San Martino (on Burano), San Pietro Martire (on Murano), and San Giorgio dei Greci (this one had some work a few years ago and is a bit more upright than it used to be, I think).

The San Pietro campanile was the first Renaissance bell tower in Venice, built in 1463-64, and was the third one built for this ancient church.

The first tower, built in 774, collapsed after an 1120 fire. The second was destroyed in a storm in 1442. And even this one has undergone repairs several times after being hit by lightning and damaged in storms. This tower is completely clad in slabs of Istrian stone, and it’s the weight of those slabs that causes it to lean. It’s a beauty.

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Stunning photo! Such a beautiful and unique view.

Funny, we were referring to San Martino as the Leaning Tower of Burano!


Anne, you have done a splendid job of keeping Venice alive for me between trips--grazie mille!

I can picture each of the four. Santo Stefano was often on our skyline view from various spots in Dorsoduro.


Wow! That's a wonderful shot.

What a gorgeous photo!!

Thanks everyone!

Cubbies, good to hear from you! When is your next trip? Please give my best to Fred and I hope that you all have a great time in Savannah and in Venice too if you're going this spring.

Beautiful! The colors are great!

Great shot. I love the leaning tower on Burano but I think this one is even better.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Annie, beautiful photo! I also love the colors and the reflections off the water. Very interesting to learn what causes the lean.

P.s. Congrats on Saturday's win! I'll keep cheering for your tar heels!

Thanks Kathy! I'm so excited that they made it to the Final Four. I really think they can go all the way. Go Heels!


Hi Annie! I am writing a design article about Venice and I was wondering if I could use this photo of the Leaning Tower on our website? We will grant photo credits to you of course!
I look forward to your reply!

Hi Shaz, I just sent you an email. Thanks, Annie

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