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Here she is...



What a crazy day. I woke up to a flood in the bathroom but managed to get a plumber fairly quickly and was only two hours late for work. Now I'm rushing since I have to leave early to take the kitten to the vet this afternoon. Oh, and my home computer has died. Crazy!

The kitten seems perfectly content in her little safe room. She purrs every time I come in and just melts my heart. She's doing very well and it's so much fun to watch her play - she's kinda gawky and her pounces end up being flips and somersaults!

And LuLu seems a bit more calm, though we did have a bit of hissing outside the door this morning. I'm just going to keep them separate for a while and give LuLu time to adjust to this big change in her world. I think she will come around.

These are kinda blurry but they show the boots on her back legs!



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A tuxedo cat! She is a beauty! And what a lovely picture of your nephew (gorgeous red hair - my dad had red hair).

Thanks Maria (and it IS a wonderful name - I'll know later on today if she is a girl or not).

Isn't that hair gorgeous? My mom has red hair and so does my sister-in-law's father, so Mason has two red-headed grandparents and that's where it came from!

She is sooo cute!! I'm so glad she has found a good home and is no longer roaming the streets. I hope Lulu eventually comes around.

Girasoli, thank you! It really upsets me to think about a little creature like her being out in a major highway!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Annie, Cool photos! She's an adorable looking kitten! Seems like your nephew has become quite attached to little Maria. Glad to hear that Lulu is coming around too.

Sorry to hear about your flooding and computer problems this morning.


So sweet!!! Glad that she found you.

Oh, she is just darling! Having a kitten is so much fun. Keep us posted on her progress.


I'm so glad you were able to take in this little cutie! And your nephew's comment (in your previous entry) was so sweet.

We are getting a kitten ourselves soon and the girls and I are so excited. (Dave not so much, evil cat-hater that he is!)

Oh my gosh! A baby!! Oh that is so lovely!

She is adorable. I'm so glad to hear you are providing her a safe haven.

Oh she is so cute!! I love kittens! They are so fun and adorable and cuddly. Congrats on your new cat!

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