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It's a girl!

IMG_1836Well, the vet confirmed that she's a girl, so Maria is definitely her name. She weighs 1.6 pounds and is approximately 6 weeks old, so we gave her a birthday of April 1. And she's healthy! She was so good in the cat carrier and in the car - she just seems pretty calm and unflappable for a kitten. She didn't object to the vet messing with her either.

She's too young to start getting her shots, so I'll take her back in three weeks. Now we've just got to bring LuLu around. They are "visiting" under the bedroom door and LuLu continues to hiss. I got some great advice from the Slow Talk pet blog about how to help LuLu accept the new member of the family. It might take some time but I have confidence that LuLu will come around, because she is really such a loving and sweet cat.

When Maria and I arrived at the vet's office, we had to sit in the car for about ten minutes until this incredible hail storm passed by. I've never seen anything like it - walnut-sized hail was coming down so fast that the ground became completely covered and it looked like it had snowed. And the hail hitting the car was so loud, but Maria just sat in her carrier and looked at me and didn't seem scared at all.

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Wonderful news! I feel like singing the Maria song from West Side Story :-)
You'll see that LuLu will come around and accept Maria and even watch over her. Your nephews must be so happy!

Wow she is so young! Really tiny. And so cute! Any particular reason you named her Maria?

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I think a formal congratulations is in order now! Maria is a great name so glad that worked out.

That's a really cute photo of your nephew and little Maria! It sounds like she has a great personality. And Lulu sounds like a pretty cool cat too! Hope you keep us posted on her progress. I'm kind of hooked on the outcome.

Aawwwwww.. how cute!

Maria, that is too funny because I HAVE been singing that West Side Story song in my head this whole week!

The nephews are very excited. I told them that she is their pet too, but she will live at my house. They told me that they want to come spend a week with me when they get out of school for the summer.

Chioccola, I started saying a bunch of names that I like to the nephews and they picked Maria. I love that name and plus, it reminds me of all the "Ave Maria" street shrines in Venice!

Kathy, thanks! I'll definitely keep you posted. I've never raised a kitten or puppy before (I have always adopted adult pets) so this is going to be a new adventure for me.

Deborah, I know! She is even cuter in action, the way she bounces around.

Awesome, thanks for the explanation Annie! Great name.

Kittens are so much fun! I think you will really enjoy the journey. I think Maria is a perfect name for her. Now that I read the song association, it is stuck in my head also :)

Hail is something that has always amazed me, even though I am usually pretty freaked being outside or in a car when a hail storm occurs. I have been in 4 hail storms that I can remember - the first time hiking to set up camp in the mountains of Colorado (not fun), the second time on a train from Bologna to Verona, the third time in a car with my friends in Coccaglio, and the 4th time huddled under the little boat waiting area in Varenna.

What a beauty! I am typing with the laptop on my lap, and Pye tucked under one arm.

Nothing nicer than cat pictures on blogs. :)

Girasoli, I bet that was scary to be outside during a hail storm. There was no way I was going to get out of the car this week - I think it would hurt to be hit by that stuff. Pretty cool that most of your experiences were in Italy though!

Leslie, I hope Maria grows up to be just as amazing as Pye!


She's adorable! And your nephew is a cutie, too. He looks like he's in love.


Congrats on your new kitty, Annie! Maria looks absolutely adorable, I love kittens. And it's so kind of you to take her in.

My brother lives on an acerage and has taken in a lot of feral cats that come up from the river. Often, they're half-starved, sick, tormented little things. They just make your heart melt! It's wonderful that Maria has found a home and I'm sure that given time, LuLu will accept the newcomer.

Thanks everyone!

We had a great weekend - LuLu has accepted the kitten so I can let her run around the house now. They aren't best friends yet (and LuLu does have to remind Maria who is boss occasionally), but overall they are getting along fine. Yay!


Okay - but Maria from Sound of Music keeps floating through my head now. How do you solve a problem like Maria....

Cute kittie!

Kim, that song has crossed my mind too, especially when I hear things crashing around the house!

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