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Venice in Miniature

Check out these great photos from Trek Capri’s blog! These are Giovanni Moro miniatures that she bought on her November trip to Venice last year…so beautiful! I’ve looked in the window of that shop but haven’t thought seriously about buying anything, mainly because I travel light and didn’t particularly want to deal with something fragile. But I’m going to have a closer look at his churches on my next trip.

Trek Capri (Kathy) has a wonderful blog and also an excellent website with lots of great travel resources and trip reports. Her Venice trip report is coming soon, and I can’t wait to read it (no pressure, Kathy, take your time!).

And on a related note, I stumbled across these photos of a miniature Venice made of Legos! Pretty amazing.

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I'm so glad you posted Trek Capri's blog. I followed it while she was in Italy and then somehow lost it again.


Those miniatures are SO cool!! And thanks for putting me onto Kathy's blog...don't know how I hadn't read it before, but it's great! I must add it to my list.

I checked out the shop's catalogue on their website and there is an absolutely gorgeous one of della Salute. I want it!! Unfortunately I'll have to settle for one of the more modest creations since the Salute is 450 euro...eek!

(PS - I added a photo to my Love Song to God post after you commented. So have another look if you want to see what Rev Valerie looks like.)

I just checked Kathy's post about the miniatures. Awesome! I love the little bridge and the gondola! I also looked at Venice made of Legos and that's so cool. I have to show them to my son who was until recently a Lego fanatic.

Very cool! I love the Lego Venice, that is just amazing. I wonder how long that took to build.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie:

I just read Marie's and Anne's comments on my blog and clicked as fast as I could to get over here to read what you wrote. Thanks so much for saying such nice things about my blog. That's so very cool and nice of you.

I've missed reading your blog these past few days (darn that flu).

The link to the lego Venice Miniature is a such a great find! Gosh, I remember playing with legos as a kid but the best that I could do was a square house with a little square chimney on it! :) These guys (or girls) are really creative and very good.

Oh and by the way, thanks for the "pressure". Just kidding. I need that little push since I have a tendency to get a little distracted.

Thanks Annie!


I just showed the Lego pics to Ginger, who's reaction was "I am in awe!!" Very cool.

Thanks everyone! And Kathy, I was just teasing about "no pressure" - take your time because I know you are having fun reliving your trip!

I agree, the Lego Venice is something else. I think it's at a place in Germany called Legoland - not sure, but it might be a theme park or something?

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